Nature Programme

In 2013 we started Nature programme for our 10 oldest children. Every Thursday 10 children, a kaiako, a nature programme assistant and a whanau volunteer head down to the Kiteone Road Reserve for the morning. With the tamariki taking charge of their learning, a group decision is reached as to whether to go to the beach or reserve first. This provides a great opportunity for the tamariki to learn about tidal flows, assessing risks, exploration, independance, self help skills, team work, and to challenge themselves physically. The tamariki spend the morning fully engaged in all the wonderful learning a natural environment has to offer and how to be good nature guardians, kaitiakitanga.

Caring for living things

                                                      Exploring creativity
Imaginative play

Exploring mathmatical concepts
Developing observation skills
Developing self help skills

                                  Exploring textures

                                               Problem solving, investigating and experimenting
                                              Physically challenging ourselves
                                                     Quiet time for observational drawing
Opportunity for leadership

Toitū te marae a Tāne
Toitū te marae a Tangaroa
Toitū te iwi
If the world of Tāne (all living things on land) endures
If the marae of Tangaroa (the lakes, rivers and sea) endures
The people endure

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