Teaching Teams

Over the past 16 years, Manaia has had teams of dedicated teachers. Each team, and each team member, has brought something significant and inspiring to the children and families of Manaia Kindergarten. We have had sewers and ict experts, storytellers and bakers, gentle teachers and active teachers, teachers who have helped to introduce animals into the programme, and teachers who have shared the world with children.

Current team: Sally, Anne and Hayley

Teaching team Becky, Anne and Sally

Anne, Sally and Beverly

Rochelle Robyn Beverly
Rochelle, Robyn, Beverly

Rochelle Beverly Dee
Rochelle, Beverly, Dee
Tania Beverly Dee
Tania, Beverly, Dee
Beverly and Tania

Where they are now:
Tania - working for CORE Education
Dee - working for MOE offering professional development
Robyn - spending time with her family and relief teaching for us
Beverly- held in our hearts with fond memories
Rochelle-Team Manager at Childcare Centre Bright Stars
Becky-teaching in Gisborne at Knox Street Kindergarten