Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The diggers arrive at Manaia

It was with much excitement and delight the tamariki watched on as the team from Manaia Excavators came to replace our old rubbing safety matting.
This was a great example of authentic learning in a real context. As the tamariki watched on their minds were ignighted with thoughts and questions. With clipboards in hand they documented their observations.
Jasmine watches the diggers at work

Arlo shows Liam what its going to look like

"It's going to take all day" Harry
"The dump truck is coming"James

"The bucket is going under the concrete'Unai"No under the stones"
"The stones are under the ground" Ciara
"Another thing concrete is under the stones" Liam
"They're helping each other"Harry
"When are they going to be finished" Dunixi
"They're going to work all night" Florrie

"Have a look at what it's going to look like"Florrie states

"How are they going to fix the holes" Lucy"When I come to kindy next it's going to look different"

Lots of the tamariki were inspired to draw on the clipboard while watching the diggers at work

Showing a picture to Robyn Harry states"This picture is like the one Becky's at ,it was tidy" Harry describes visiting teacher Becky who is teaching at Forest View Kindergarten this term. Harry has been to visit Becky with his Mum and liked the bark in their playground. The photo the children are looking at is of Forest View Kindergarten's playground.

"Dunixi draws a treasure map for a hide out under the bark"

"There's the digger scooping up and the two people sitting on the blue carpet(where the children watch from)"Liam

Sophie describes her drawing" This is the digger and the man getting all of the mat because it's got holes in it""These circles are the mats"Sophie

Sam fully focussed drawing the bark as it is delivered

Watching the new drainage coil going in.

While Liam creates a safety sign Lily's imagination is sparked. "It's a rabbit that's scared because the monster wants to eat the rabbit. Sometimes monsters like to eat rabbits"Lily states

Liam's saftey sign "No camping, no playing, no children because the digger and the truck are worrking to get the rocks and the dirt out. Stop!. Do not go in those rocks because the builders are there. When they stop we can get there"

"putting in the bark"James

Archie's digger

Testing out the new bark safety surface.
"Its like warmy" Sophie
"It feels lovely" Harry
"Tickling my feet"Lily
"It is real smooth and you can bounce on it" Ruben
"Comfy like a pillow" Jasmine
"Too squsihy, it's smelly!" Arlo I
"Really, really squishy" George
"It feels really soft and cuddly" Cobie
"It feels a little bit ....actually it's bark!""It's more bouncy" Ciara
"It's good for digging holes in because it's soft"Shae
"Squsihy like a blanket" Riley
"It's so qusihy, we can dig holes and bury ourselves up" Liam
"It's so soft" Caiomhe
"It's like a bed" Acacia

Thanks you to Jeff Andrew from Atomic Furniture for our beautiful new gate leading to our enticing new natural playground. Let the play begin! Sally

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