Sunday, March 13, 2016

Fantastic whānau

We are very fortunate at Manaia kindergarten to have amazing parents and caregivers. As a teaching team we would like to acknowledge the fantastic input parents/caregivers have in our kindergarten. The following pictures are from this term, there are many others. We would like to thank everyone who is part of our amazing community, from those whom volunteer to do projects with the children, those whom attend the weekly nature programme, those that make their children's birthday special by doing an activity with the children, those that pop in for an hour or two to support the teachers while they work with the children and the amazing people whom help clean up at the end of the day. We truly appreciate you all. Thank you.

Whānau is a tree of strength connected from the stars to the earth. With every birth and union a new branch is created. We all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain the same.

There is a huge amount of interest in horses, so to support this and Natalie's last day at kindergarten Mel brought their two miniature horses Teddy and Lassie.
Maya enjoyed her ride around the kindergarten.
Natalie shows great confidence as she shares this experience
with the children at kindergarten.

Theo confidently rides around the kindergarten.
Elliott came into kindergarten especially for  a chance
to ride on the horses and absolutely loved it.

Greta and Tom make a variety of fruit juices with the children.

Cole creates a healthy fruit juice with carrot and orange.

Angela makes fruit kebabs with the children to celebrate Cobie's birthday.

Cobie creates her healthy fruit kebab.

Archie the tiger.
Liz and Jo came in to do some face painting on dress up day
Liz paints a beautiful butterfly on Nikki.
Nikki, Macy and Aria.

Grace chooses a cheek butterfly to compliment
her Elsa dress.
Maya the tropical butterfly.
Elliott paints the background for the ocean mural as Bridget  looks on supporting her.

The children draw and create sea creatures for the mural. Bridget has been coming in each week to work with the children on this project.

Jacb, Jayde and Keir draw sea creatures for the mural

Keir is very proud of the dolphin he makes.

Bridget helps Elliott to sew on some seaweed.

Judy came in to make delicous smoothies with the children.
Arlo, Jayde and Jasmine help Judy make fruit smoothies - watermelon, banana, orange, nectarine.

Jadye, Jasmine and Arlo sample their smoothies. "Tastes yum!" comments Jayde.
"It's cold on your tongue, and is good." comments Jasmine
Noah creates and enjoys his orange juice smoothie.

Kiwi's are important to us at Manaia. Sindey works with Maya, Natalie and Eva on the kiwi mosaic

Jono and Alex glue on pieces of tile to the kiwi.
Alex, Jono and Cole work out where they want the tiles to go with Sindey.

Cody, Caoimhe and Dulcie work alongside each other creating amazing cardboard sea creatures.

Dulcie works alongside Tilly as they
create cardboard sea creatures.

Cam fixes the trucks with Jacob, Jayde and Cody. The old wheels had worn out, so new wheels are attached to ensure they last longer.
Jayde carefully attaches the washers and then wheels.
Cam, Jayde and Jacob add the finishing touches, some glue to ensure the trucks wheels stay where they are and are stronger.

Guthrie helps the Robbie, Acacia and Cody transfer the rain water.

Russell gets some assistance to put up the new coat hooks.

Stacey helps the children to create with their imagination.
                                             Ka pai tō mahi whānau - great work families.


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