Sunday, March 13, 2016

A challenge on the Nature Programme

Each Thursday the ten oldest children attend the Nature Programme down to Kiteone reserve. I attended a leadership course at Outward Bound last year which has given me the confidence to challenge children to try new things and to take themselves outside their comfort zone, as this is where the greatest learning takes place. On today's nature programme the children were really wanting to move and were up for a challenge, so once we had crossed the long bridge, I asked them what they would like to do. Go back along the reserve or continue along the beach? We voted and they took up the challenge. I explained to them that as the tide was quite high we had to really stick together as a team and nobody was allowed the water to go past the half way mark on their gumboots. As the tide was going out and with the knowledge I have of the beach, I was confident that we could make it. This adventure helped the children to work as a team, as they negotiated ways to get around bushes, who was going to lead, and ensuring we stuck together as a team for safety. Along the way we were able to make exciting discoveries on the foreshore, identify the different types of seaweed and to stop and experience the sounds of the sea with our eyes closed. This was a truely magnificent experience for the children. Becky

Aria leads the way across the long bridge.
Noah leads the way on the adventure.

Stopping for a well deserved hot chocolate and piece of blueberry cake.

The tide is quite high. Cole sends a Nikau frond
 boat out to sea.

We find an interesting specimen. Could it be whale vomit (Ambergris)? This provided a lot of amazing conversation.
Another find- perhaps a lemon fish?
               Grace leads the team through some
                thick undergrowth.
Nikki crosses the bridge safely and observes the current
moving quickly under the bridge.
Cole collects a variety of seaweed along the way.
Theo identifies the different seaweed we are finding
by using the book he brought.
Russell checks to see if it is his whale we can see in the
 distance, while Elliott checks the depth.

Cole leads the way safely along the ledge.

             Harry tries to catch a fish.

We found a heart leaf for Aria, to say goodbye, as it was her
last day at kindergarten before she goes to school.

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