Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Ocean around us - Te Moana Nui a Kiwa.

Since the beginning of term children have been sharing their stories and creating representations of their understanding and experience of the sea. This post will illustrate some of this learning as it develops.   (Posted by Anne)

Becky created a provocation on the light table with some blue cellophane, seaweed, shells, driftwood, netting and plastic whales.
The children used this space in different ways over the morning. Here Grace and Florrie make use of the lower shelf of the light table to  include 'the deep sea' in their play.



  A Story about Orca          By Elliott and Grace

  Elliott used her storytelling skills to create an orca adventure  for video. Grace took up her idea and was joining in with her whale as the video finished.  In Grace's story her orca did get free of the net and the two whales continued to swim around the ocean together, finding food.

A Find on the Nature Programme  25/2/16

Coincidentally, a few days later, on the nature programme, Nikki found some pieces of nylon net lying on the beach. Speculating on what might have caused the net to be there Nikki said, "I think a seal might have been trapped in it. But he's gone out of it now. Maybe some hunters put him in there. I've seen (pictures of )them many years ago being trapped." When asked if they were still trapped these days she said she thought so. "What do they do that for?" I asked. "Just to be mean to them," Nikki said. Nikki thought we should take the net off the beach. "Because we don't leave rubbish on the beach," she asserted. Other children joined in the discussion, talking about other sea creatures that could get caught in nets - birds, dolphins, sharks. Theo mentioned that a person could trip on it because it was hard to see on the beach and Macy, Aria and Grace all worried that horses could get their hoofs caught in it. All the tamariki agreed that the net should be kept out of the water and off the beach. So Nikki packed it into her bag and took it back to the kindergarten.

The Whale Rescue Video 26/2/16 
Back at the kindergarten, as we teachers discussed our day, the story of the finding of the net sparked a connection for Sally. She had recently found a fascinating whale rescue video and shared it with friends on Facebook. We made a plan to share it with the children at kindergarten the next day.  Throughout the day, children viewed it, showed it to their friends and family, and discussed it.
As we gathered on the mat before lunch I did a guided storytelling with the children. They took the roles of baby whale trapped in the net, fishermen setting the net to catch fish to eat, and sightseers finding the trapped whale and setting it free. The role of trapped baby whale was especially popular so we had to agree to continue the game later so more children could experience it. We also provided plastic sea creatures and pieces of net in the water trough for the children to play out the entrapment and rescue. This too, was a very popular activity. As the day finished,  the children were planning to play more of these games when they came back to kindergarten after the weekend.  

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