Friday, February 5, 2016

Discoveries on the Nature Programme

A loop of rope sticking up out of the sand led to much speculation, investigation and hypothesizing as the children worked with Russell to dig.  "Here Russell, use this," said Grace, handing him a scallop shell to dig with. Then everyone else wanted one so Grace kindly went off to find some more.
Nikki was finding shells of her own. "A black shell! Cool! I like that," she said.
Looking down into the water in the hole, Joseph said, "It's a lot of  black."
"The water's black," Grace agreed.
"That's because we put black sand in," responded Elliott.
Elliott also had ideas about why the rope couldn't be pulled out of the sand. "Guys, I think I know. This, this knot, is tied. They tied it onto something and the thing is stuck. Forever. It's stuck there forever."
Later, Macy had another enthusiastic suggestion. "I know why you can't pull it out, Russell. A thousand crabs are holding on to the end of it!"
In the video below, the children continue their discussion of what their find might be.

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