Sunday, August 16, 2015

Our Holiday Stories

The children at Manaia Kindergarten have a strong interest in creating stories and making books with the binder. To extend this interest, together we have created a book of their holiday stories, the words are exactly as the children have told their story and the beautiful illustrations are drawn by each child. Ayva created the detailed title page and showed deep concentration as she illustrated her story. The children seem to have really enjoyed being part of this project and the ongoing learning as they revisit and share their own and others stories. It is fantastic to see the delight on their faces as their story is read out and their excitement in the fact that they are story tellers, illustrators and publishers.

Ayva illustrates her page for the book.

Jayde, Grace N, Grace V, Sofie and Eva H discuss their holiday stories.



Sofie draws a picture of her trip to Queenstown.

Kafka draws a picture of his new tree house.

Jett draws his friends.

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Unknown said...

Great stories and some amazingly beautiful art, well done Everyone.