Monday, June 15, 2015

Hoop Circus

What a lot of tricks you can do with the hoops, Meg and Paige. You started off practicing around the playground, experimenting with all the ways  you could roll, swing, jump, shape, walk, ride and hula your hoops.
Then you, Jacob and Jono decided you would put on a "Hoop Circus". Moving to the music, you danced your hoop  tricks. Weaving around each other you performed on your big playground 'stage'. You know about performing on a stage, you said, because you have been to concerts.
 Tino pai, Meg and Paige! You are learning lots about your body's coordination, rhythm, and proprioception (knowing where your body is in relation to other people and things) as you work out your hoop tricks and create your circus performance.
14th May 2015

More exciting hoop tricks with Paige, Meg, and Grace.

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Jennings said...

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