Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Glorious Mud

8th May, 2015

Today was a wet autumn day at kindergarten. After a little bit of encouragement from Lisa, our reliever Cole, Natalie and Jayde decided to try out the slippery new hill. What great fun you had testing out sliding down on your bottoms, then your tummys and then rolling down on your sides.
Research tells us that unstructured outdoor play is a natural attention builder, is known to reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and leads to overall increased health - both mental and physical.

At Manaia we believe a connection with nature provides for the children’s wellbeing and the wellbeing of the earth. This was evident today with the huge smiles on these children's faces and all the laughter we could hear.  Ka pai tamariki ma.Sally

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Lisa said...

Wow what great photos Cole Natalie and Jayde I love seeing those happy faces! I had so much fun sliding down in the mud with you! Maybe next time I wil try sliding down different ways as well, thanks for showing me. I will come and visit you next week... I wonder if the hill will be slippery again? I hope so!