Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Relationships are a source of learning, empowerment and identity for all of us. This is reflected in the concept of whanaungatanga. A fishing interest grew from seeing live Mullet swimming in the estuary and catching sprats on our weekly nature programme down at Kiteone beach reserve. This interest continued to grow with children creating representations of their ideas of fish using art materials, using books to research, gutting and smoking Mullet, having Jayde's Dad, Cam come and fillet fish he had caught, making fishing lines at the carpentry table, singing fish songs and the children preparing battered pieces of fish fillets to share and enjoying at the family Fish and Chip night. These experiences provided the children with many learning opportunities where they could work together, share their knowledge and learn from others, which provided them with a real sense of belonging at their kindergarten.
Cameron, Caleb and Carys fishing.

Preparing the fish for smoking- This provoked many questions.

The amazement of what had happened to the smoked Mullet.
Sofie, Kafka, Lily and Cole crumbing the fish for the Fish and Chip night.

Paige - the Master chef!

Zoe paints a dolphin.
Carys paints her fish.

Noah, Lola and Jayde enjoying the sensory experience of the Snapper.

Cam filleting the fish with Meg, Paige and Jayde looking on.


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