Monday, April 6, 2015

Caterpillar study

With the donation of a small swan plant and the eye of one of the teachers spotting the first young caterpillar, a group of children showed a keen interest in learning more. The following video expresses the different ways the children problem solved how best to care for our precious new caterpillar. Their interest then ignited a larger study into the life cycle of caterpillars which is ongoing.

"Butterfly Meg"

Jono notices the caterpillars can make letters with their bodies 

Savanah and Eva explore being a butterfly

Lola makes a protective sign "don't touch
the caterpillar'

Carys explores the shape of the butterfly through
representational art

Jayde and Paige keep a watchful eye
on the caterpillars progress

Molly creates a protective sign

Eva joins in

Zoe creates a butterfly at home and brings
 it in to share in the news circle

Jono explores the life cycle of a caterpillar through puzzles

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Jennings said...

Good to see kids having fun.Keep up the good work.
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