Sunday, March 8, 2015

Exploring Nga Manu (Birds)

At Manaia Kindergarten we participate in the national 'te kupu o te wiki' (word of the week) programme. Recently our kupu o te wiki was manu (bird). As the children reflected on all nga manu in their experience, they illustrated how integrated their growing understanding of a concept such as 'bird' is, and how many 'languages' (using the Reggio Emilia term) they use to explore and express such an understanding. The following photos and videos explain this idea further.


Before a trip to Kiwi North, children created kiwi in response to provocations in the art area. Henry drew his kiwi with pen and then cut it out.

Zoe created her kiwi in pen and wrote a story about it around the edge using the letters she knows best Z-O-E-L-O-V-E. She used leaves and feathers for the body.

After listening to the story "Manukura the White Kiwi" Molly, Jacob and Meg used shredded paper to create their "Manukura".

Having chickens at the kindergarten provides many opportunities for the children to build their understanding about these manu.

 Eva and Cole collect weeds from the garden to throw over the fence for nga heihei.

Ayva, Natalie, Grace, Eva and Lily collect the chicken eggs, wash them, and write the date on them.

Ayva stands proudly beside the eggs for sale sign she has helped to write with eggs she and her friends have packaged to sell to the whanau.

Max and Lucy cook pikelets  that they have helped make with eggs from the chickens.

A recent trip to Kiwi North gave lots of opportunities for the children to extend their knowledge of birds.

Bo took her toy kiwi on the trip to Kiwi North so it could "meet the real kiwi."

Nga manu puppets at Kiwi North were enjoyed by many children as they brought the birds to life with sounds and movements.

 Back at the kindergarten Molly, Thomas, and Meg use the beanbags (carefully sorted by colour) to make nests for  their imaginary play as birds. 

After her bus trip to Kiwi North, Meg drew this picture and told her mum this story.

 Lily and Carys used pen and paint to create their kiwi.

Unfortunately, the video of Grace's wonderfully tuneful singing will not upload here but at least you can enjoy the words of her  "KIWI SONG".   

“I love kiwi
Because they’re my favourites
I love kiwi
Because they’re my favourites
Kiwi are my favourites
Because they love me
I like kiwi
I love kiwi
I like them so much.”

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Treehouse Dwellers said...

What a wonderful experience visiting Kiwi North. A wonderful asset to the children of Whangarei. It is so clear from the photos that children's knowledge of manu continues to build through discussions, real life experiences, and alongside the experts at Kiwi North - an incredibly rich learning experience for all I imagine. Arohanui, Beverly