Sunday, December 20, 2015

Celebrating 2015

Another great year at Manaia thanks to the tamariki, whanau and teachers of our wonderful community. Have spent today reviewing photos of this year and have been struck by the enthusiasm and quest for knowledge that our tamariki display. No two days are the same and they keep the energy in the kindergarten alive. We wish all our leaving children luck on their next learning journey and look forward to 2016 and all that it may bring. Arohanui kindergarten whanau. Sally

2016 and all that it holds for us. Arohanui kindergarten whanau. Sally

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cooling Off

 Let's dig a big hole and fill it with water' said Robbie. Lots of others came to help and before long we had a pool and a waterslide. What a great way to cool off!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Learn some great sports moves!

At Manaia Kindergarten children daily show us their wide array of knowledge and interests. While watching some other children dancing outside on the grass, Jono, who is knowledgeable about lots of games involving balls,  explored some moves of his own - sports moves as he described them. From photos of that day we created a slideshow with his words to, as he said, "help other people learn from his moves".  He showed his slideshow to an appreciative audience at the end of the day today and recommended they watch it any time to learn from.
24th November 2015                Anne

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fun in the Elements 14th August 2015

Today dressed in full wet weather gear a group of children enjoyed a torrential downpour, nature at its finest. Their excitement is infectious and shows just how much fun there is to be had exploring all the natural elements. After experiencing a waterfall, running through puddles and simply standing still to feel the rain on their faces the children came and indulged in a warm lavender foot bath. Could life get any better for the children at Manaia Kindergarten! Sally

 Savanah experimenting with a puddle
 What polite drivers,waiting for Savanah before zooming through the puddle

Natalie and Savanah warm up with a warm lavender foot bath

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Working with Fabric


Lately, several of the children have shown a strong interest in fabric and designing and creating clothes for themselves. Last week Becky brought in some dolls dressed in colourful, cultural costumes. The children were inspired and they asked for the box of fabric to create their own costumes. This video shows them at work and with their finished products. You will also see Cam, who came in when they were working looking for something to create a sail for the boat he was building. At the end of the slide show you see Gillian who was visiting that day and was not only made a cup of delicious mint tea, but was also accessorized by the dressmakers. The designers and dressmakers featured here are Eva, Grace, Sofie, Nikki, Aria, Meg, and Savanah.

Our Holiday Stories

The children at Manaia Kindergarten have a strong interest in creating stories and making books with the binder. To extend this interest, together we have created a book of their holiday stories, the words are exactly as the children have told their story and the beautiful illustrations are drawn by each child. Ayva created the detailed title page and showed deep concentration as she illustrated her story. The children seem to have really enjoyed being part of this project and the ongoing learning as they revisit and share their own and others stories. It is fantastic to see the delight on their faces as their story is read out and their excitement in the fact that they are story tellers, illustrators and publishers.

Ayva illustrates her page for the book.

Jayde, Grace N, Grace V, Sofie and Eva H discuss their holiday stories.



Sofie draws a picture of her trip to Queenstown.

Kafka draws a picture of his new tree house.

Jett draws his friends.