Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our first ripe and ready.....

Watermelon harvesting
• 1st was white
• 2nd was eaten by.... Watermelon monster, woodpecker, possum, pirates......
• 3rd - looks delicious

Friday, March 21, 2014

Oliver's Book

Oliver has made a book called The Crazy Apple. He is looking forward to showing it to his Mummy and Daddy. "This is a book for you"  from Oliver.

Oliver worked for a long time on his book. He practiced many of his writing skills by adding his name as the author of the book, and writing the title of his book. Then he decided to draw a picture of his Mum and Dad at the back of his book. 

What great concentration and determination you showed in the long process of creating your book Oliver.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kafka explores painting and writing

Mum and Dad - I want to see this on your iPad.

Kafka enjoyed exploring the paints and was confident to write his name on his artwork. Most importantly he would like to share this with you - Mum and Dad

Paige begins to write her name

Today Paige explored the shapes of the letters in her name. Nana this is for you - so that you can see this on your iPad.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Oliver's picture and story

"There are 29 monsters. They are looking at the water - cause they are drinking the water - they are drinking it all up. They like the water but if they fall into the water they loose their hair. They have their hair inside - inside their house. They have the round house. The big house is my house. The monsters house is under the ground. My house has a gate and the doors have eyes.... They see the monsters riding in the dump trucks.

My name is looking at my picture - it has eyes."

Cara's Picture

"There is my picture if two ducks in a pond.

I know about ducks and ponds - there is a pond on the Nature Programne and I saw two ducks in it"

Paige paints flowers

"That's my mummy and my daddy. I like orange flowers."

Paige enjoyed showing me the flowers on her dress today - so we decided to paint flowers. It was great to think about the shapes of the flowers on Paige's dress and then to explore ways to create those shapes with the paint brush. We talked about the middle shape of the flower and how the petals come off the centre. Paige explored a few ways of painting flowers.

"I like flowers because my mum likes flowers."