Sunday, December 14, 2014

Kiwi Artist inspires our tamariki 10/12/14

A huge thanks to Heather Hunt who gave up her morning to come and share her Backyard Kiwi signs and kiwi illustrations from 'Kiwi, the real story'. Heather talked to us a bit about the Backyard Kiwi project at the Whangarei Heads and then mentored some of our keen artists in how she sketches kiwi.
Heather currently has an exhibition of her artwork at Newday Café in Parua Bay with all proceeds going to the Backyard Kiwi Project.
Heather told us about the different ways kiwi move, how they protect themselves and that Dad is the main caregiver after Mum lays her egg.
 Grace told Heather she has kiwi at her house
 Oliver worked out different ways he could protect his sign from the elements creating a plastic cover
 Devon wanted to create a post for his sign
 Some great theories and questions about why there are kiwi signs at the heads
 Theo was very proud of his kiwi and wanted to show Mum as soon as she arrived.
 Scott talked about how he can hear kiwi at his house.
 Heather showed us how she goes over her outline several times adding extra detail each time.Look at that wonderful concentration, ka pai tamariki.
 Scarlett, a very keen artist was very focussed on her kiwi outline alongside artist friend Madison
 Our Kiwi exhibition at Manaia Kindergarten with new artwork arriving daily!
A small message from Heather Hunt:
"With the annual summer influx of visitors Backyard Kiwi are raising awareness locally about the number of wild kiwi free ranging around the Whangarei Heads Peninsula- over 700!!
The much loved Backyard Kiwi signs dotted around the district are an indication that there are kiwi living nearby – we urge local and visitors, to:  tie your dogs up at night time and watch out for kiwi on the roads you might just see a live kiwi and save kiwi lives!

There is Backyard Kiwi Exhibition at Newday Cafe (Parua Bay Shopping centre) until the 5th of January. The Free Range Kiwi reflective sign and kiwi prints are on display along with lots of information about the Backyard kiwi Project. Please encourage people to take their visitors to see this and visit the backyard kiwi website"

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