Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nature Programme Taster

Yesterday our nature programme kaiawhina(helpers) led a trip down to the Kiteone Road Reserve. This was a wonderful opportunity for them to share their knowledge and the skills they have developed whilst on the nature programme. As we do at the start of each nature trip we got into groups and the children each took turns with the talking ball sharing what they would like to do down at the reserve and one thing they do to keep themselves safe. With the support of our parent helpers we then headed down the path to the beach.
We could see kindergarten from the path
Molly said "I liked taking my Grandad"
Paige said "I was too tired to walk up the hill"

Carys enjoyed some fishing.
Lia said she liked fishing and finding an eel.

We measured how deep the water was in the stream by how far it came up our boots

We enjoyed a game of hide and seek

Harper said he liked playing duck, duck goose!

We found lots of places to hide.
Scarlett liked playing hide and seek.

Zeke liked "fishing and kneeing up the hill"
commando crawling because his legs were tired!

Sofie had fun splashing in the stream.
Zoe also said she liked "splashing in the puddles".

Ooh thick stinking mud. Caleb said he liked "walking in the
water and thumping in the mud"

Thank you to all our fantastic parent helpers and our kaiawhina for sharing all the fun that can be had on the nature programme. We can't wait until it's our turn.Sally

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