Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Volunteer Fire Fighters visit Manaia

On Wednesday 22nd October we invited the local volunteer fire fighters from Whangarei Heads to visit our Kindergarten, as there has been a strong interest with the children role-playing fire fighting. Parua Bay Play-centre families also joined us, which was a wonderful community gathering. The children were all buzzing with excitement. The fire fighters talked to the children about smoke alarms, keeping safe and what to do if there was a fire. Corinne one of our parents put all the equipment on to demonstrate to the children what it would look like to come face to face with a fire fighter. The children then all practiced evacuating from the building by getting low and crawling under a tarpaulin. The children then went outside where they had a turn squirting the fire hose and got to experience what it was like to sit in the fire truck. We would like to thank the fire fighters for taking the time to visit our Kindergarten to educate the children about their important role in the community. This experience connects links with the family and the wider world. Children develop an understanding of the links between the early childhood education setting and the familiar wider world through people (family/whānau, fire fighters), images (fire truck), objects and sounds (smoke alarms) that are the same as at home. Children develop knowledge of the role of the wider world of work and their community, such as the role of fire fighters.
The fire fighters talking about keeping safe, shouting FIRE, FIRE, FIRE and GET OUT, STAY OUT.

Corinne demonstrating what a fire fighter wears.

Practicing getting low and getting out.

Thomas, who is so proud of his dad.
Ed demonstrating how to use the fire hose.











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