Monday, September 22, 2014

Showing Tuakana Teina

For the last five Fridays four Year 8 students from Parua Bay School have been coming to spend the afternoon with our tamariki at Manaia. We have looked forward to each Friday with eager excitement. Together the students and tamariki have enjoyed time engaged in imaginative play, working on creative projects, reading stories, and building constructions down to offering themselves as models for our face painting enthusiasts. This has been a wonderful example of showing tuakana- teina, the older children sharing their knowledge with the younger children. Here are some comments the children have made about your visits.

 "I liked them having lunch with us and playing in the family corner and the playground and on the monkey bars" Lily
"I miss them. I liked playing in the family corner"Carys
 "I like Jade" Eva
 " I like them"Natalie
 " I took a photo of the big kids" Eva's photo
 "I liked face painting" Pippi
 " I made a necklace for Jade" Lucy
"They told the boys to let us in the trolleys and they pushed me on the swing" Lucy
 "I liked Pippa painting a picture with me"Eva

" Is your sister Jade coming today Sally?"Jack
"Are your grandchildren coming today Sally"Beatrix
"I liked having them here" Max
"(I liked)Them coming"Scott
"I liked them playing the same game again, the building game"Tommy
"I liked playing on the slide where the monkey bars are with them"Kafka
"Riding in the car with Keely and playing with Ryannah in the blocks, and playing with Pippa in the family corner, and Jade"Madison

Thank you Jade, Pippa, Keely and Ryannah for the wonderful gift of friendship that you have given our tamariki. We look forward to special times continuing with other Year 8 students next term.

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