Monday, September 1, 2014

Playground Drainage Investigation

At Manaia we have plans for developing our playground. Tamariki, kaiako and whanau have all contributed ideas to the design. But before the work gets off the ground, it has first had to go under the ground to find out the state of our drainage. This is what happened on Friday, to the children’s interest and delight. Marshall’s dad Shaun, of Manaia Excavators, came by with Aaron and Shane, two other dads of former kindergarten tamariki. They brought their truck and their little blue digger and did some investigative digging.

Tai, Max and Thomas discuss the job ahead. Max says, "He came to my house to fix the driveway - to make it nice and flat and we saw the digger ramps that go up onto the truck...And there was a bobcat and someone else drived it. ... They were just trying to flat out our driveway. .. (At the kindergarten) we have to put in some pipes that go way down to the sea."
The children take their seats as the digger makes a neat hole in the lawn to look for the drains. 

Aaron explains what the digger has found and what they'll do next.  
The drain is excavated. No dinosaur bones or pirate treasure, but the drainpipe is found!
  Investigation complete, the children help shovel the drain rock back in.
Harper, Oliver and Max get the job done. 

Seeing the children's interest, enthusiasm and excitement at being involved in this activity confirms the importance of real life experiences as part of early childhood curriculum and shows the appetite these competent young learners have for being involved in meaningful  activities that engage all their senses.

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Treehouse Dwellers said...

Wonderful that the children (along with our wonderful Shaun, and Aaron and Shane) have been able to uncover a very long debated query. What a surprise!! And we look forward to what next :-) Beverly