Monday, June 30, 2014

Amazing discoveries

Jack, Sol and his mum Gabrielle found it.

Jack came running to tell us. We all went over for a look. It was on the beach.
Is it dead or alive? It seems to move a little. It might need to get back to the sea. Should we pick it up and move it into the water? But look! The tide is coming in. It is nearly up to the octopus. We could get buckets of water and pour them over it. But no, the waves are here now and lapping over it. Some people whoosh the water with their boots and their hands to make it wash over the octopus. Like they do for a stranded whale! Is it moving? Yes! No! It's just the waves. I can see its eye, Its eye is open. I touched its suckers on its leg. They stuck to my finger. It looks like a bite out of it. Maybe a shark bite! It is moving! Where will it go? Why was it on the beach? Where is its home? So much to wonder about when you find an octopus on the beach. But the tide is still coming in and we have to go before the water gets too deep . Good bye octopus. Haere ra wheke. I wonder if we will see you again? 19 June 2014 Anne


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Flying Children

Do you know that our Manaia Kindergarten children can fly? Watch this slideshow and see for yourself.  Showing great control of their bodies and lots of courage and determination the children leap from the box in the playground and briefly experience being airborne. Way to go Scott, Jack, Henry, Oliver, Meg, Scarlett, Harper, Ruben, Zeke, and Kafka. Ka rawe! Awesome!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Face painting

 The end result of  face painting activity (often incompletely washed off by going home time) may look more like disaster than serious learning or great art, but time spent watching a group of children around the face painting table reveals another story.
Fine motor control, reflection, colour mixing, language development, social skills, self-confidence, turn taking, creative and imaginative skills, self care and awhi for others. Time at the face-painting table offers all of this and more.
Here Lily, Eva, Claire, Zach, Ruben, Lochie, Kafka and Tommy exhibit their careful work.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bubbles of fun!

Today Scarlett, Madison, Pippi and Zach had a great time together experimenting with wet sand in the sandpit and then enjoyed rinsing off all the sand in a very bubbly footpath. Video to follow!

Exciting New Delivery

Thanks to Sean and the team from Manaia Excavators for providing great entertainment and a wonderful learning opportunity for the children of Manaia. Just looking at the expression on the children's faces tells a story. Providing real life experiences provides the best and most meaningful learning of all.