Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Staying Afloat

At the end of last term we had a terrific day learning to stay afloat. Tricia Culina, a local sailor with marine safety training, came in to tell us all about lifejackets. A simple demonstration of buoyancy – using plastic figures and bubble wrap had the tamariki entranced. It showed them the importance of wearing a lifejacket whenever they are out on boats in case they fall in the water. The children all had a chance to try on a lifejacket. Lily, Grace and Elena showed, with Tricia’s help, whether the lifejackets they had on were a good fit. Tricia explained that lifejackets need to be the right size, have a zip or snaps to keep them done up across the chest, a crotch strap to hold them on, and collar floatation to keep the head up. It is also good if they have a whistle, a loop on the collar floatation and reflective stripes for nighttime visibility. After this korero (discussion) the tamariki had a chance to jump in the waka that Tricia had brought, to play out their learning.
Thank you Tricia, for bringing such an important learning experience to the Manaia Kindergarten children – just in time for a summer of fun at the beach and out on boats.

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