Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tim & Jim the Sheep Shearers

Wasn't it great today to have Tim (Lily's Dad) and Jim here today shearing sheep. We learnt lots about sheep sheering. We learnt about the wool that needs to come off the sheep in summer - or the sheep end up having to carry lots of heavy hot wool on them. We heard that sometimes the sheep get small cuts while being sheared - just like Dad sometimes does when he is shaving!! And its all ok, because the sheeps skin is just like ours and will heal. We found out that if the sheep have ticks - the shearing them will help to get rid of the ticks as the ticks have no place to hide. It was great to see the whole sheep shearing process today AT KINDERGARTEN. Thanks heaps to Tim and Jim for sharing their sheep shearing skills with us today.

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