Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Building a natural space for our tamariki and community

Our project is well underway. It has been a long time coming. The space in front of the kindergarten has always been a favourite to run downhill and wallow in the long grass. This is where our vegetable gardens are, and a few fruit tree have already been planted in this space. The space flows on to the carpark, so it has always been tricky to use safely with large groups of children. Over the past few years we have worked with our community to consider ideas about how to best use this land. 

With permission from the school, it was decided to fence the area in such a way that it would blend with our environment, and work in with our natural resources designed for this area - ie vegetable gardens, trees, and visiting larger pets (lambs, calves etc)

First the little blue digger visited kindergarten, and Jason dug a trench. Over the next two days Jason worked hard putting the poles in place. Then the poles had to be concreted in and Izzy's Dad, Izaak came to help. Now we are waiting for the concrete to set and for that special day when we will officially open our new community space. 

Thank you Jason, Izaak and Izzy for working on our new space.

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Louise said...

Hi there, I am trying to locate you in NEw Zealand - can you tell me where you are ie which island? as I am planning on coming over to NZ to visit some EC centres and would love to call in. I am a kinder teacher in Victoria Australia. Cheers