Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Press Here - Books and our imagination

This week we have received a number of new books. Press Here by Henre Tullet is a fabulous interactive book. A bit like the iPad, when you press a dot things happen!! You have to shake the book, rub the dots and press here, and with imagination the dots change and move around the book. Watch Keaton and Alex enjoy using their imagination, and reading Press Here.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Summer Fun

Having a blast at Manaia Kindergarten. We built our own pool and slide together and after all the hot work its time to get wet and have some fun.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tim & Jim the Sheep Shearers

Wasn't it great today to have Tim (Lily's Dad) and Jim here today shearing sheep. We learnt lots about sheep sheering. We learnt about the wool that needs to come off the sheep in summer - or the sheep end up having to carry lots of heavy hot wool on them. We heard that sometimes the sheep get small cuts while being sheared - just like Dad sometimes does when he is shaving!! And its all ok, because the sheeps skin is just like ours and will heal. We found out that if the sheep have ticks - the shearing them will help to get rid of the ticks as the ticks have no place to hide. It was great to see the whole sheep shearing process today AT KINDERGARTEN. Thanks heaps to Tim and Jim for sharing their sheep shearing skills with us today.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Sam and Emily recording at Manaia Kindergarten

Wow - its been amazing having Sam and Emily working at Manaia Kindergarten on Tuesdays. Every tuesday, they bring new music to our environment. Emily and Sam are two experienced musicians who are well known in our community. Their expertise in music, our environment, working with children is bringing a richness to our music programme. They have written a song that encapsulates the lives of the children of Manaia Kindergarten - At the Beach. The children have also taught them our Mt Manaia song. Alongside an enjoyment of music, Sam and Emily have begun the process of recording children's voices. Today we played with their recording equipment. It was scary at first but alongside Emily children slowly began to sing. Even Beverly joined in and we enjoyed hearing our songs played back to us after singing. It was great to see Sol and Zeke owning and sharing their knowledge of songs they know, and enjoying the recording process of tu tira mai nga iwi.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ruben's Story about dinosaurs

The Embery - "you can put anything on iPad or phone or ipod or computer or iPhone or anything" - Ruben

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nature Programme in action

Today we explored our Nature Programme. The tide was coming in so we spent the first hour collecting shells and treasures on the beach, and them moved to Kiteone Reserve. This was a new environment for many of our children - so there was much to explore. We ran, we built a shelter, we ate together, we drank heaps - and we built chicken nests out of cut grass, leaves, sticks and water! Check out the summary of the days adventures.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Enviro-kindergarten Workshop at Manaia

It was wonderful to host the Enviro-Kindergarten's at Manaia Kindergarten. Although we are not on the Enviro programme, the teachers of Manaia have been attending some of their workshops. It has been inspiring to learn about new ideas to continue our commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Manaia Kindergarten is situated in a community that is environmentally aware and our people continually share and promote sustainable living practices. 

Karen from Kerikeri kindergarten shared environmental ideas from tikanga perspective, and deepening our understanding of Papatuanuku (earth mother) and Ranginui (sky father) whakapapa (family) including their children - Tanemahuta (forest) , tangaroa (sea), tawhirimatea (wind) to name a few. She shared the Maori creation story. We discussed the nature and influences of Ira Atua (the first family - sea, wind, stars, sun, earthquakes)  on our learning environment.

Paula and Anna from Comrie Park introduced us all to The Bug Hotel. We received the generous gift of a Bug Hotel and began assembling the 'rooms' in the hotel. Paula talked with us about location, working with the children, and setting up a bug hotel environment with the natural resources typical to our environment. We look forward to working more on this project with the children at the start of term 4.

Nerida and Lynda from Portland Kindergarten drew our attention to our senses. We stopped and listened to our environment with our eyes closed. The Cockerel who had competed with every presentation suddenly went silent!! However we were able to locate and identify almost 6 different bird species in our small outdoor play area. We were also surprised at the almost constant sound of traffic which is unusual for our rural kindergarten. We were also guided on a blindfold test as we explored our sense of touch and dipped our hands into bowls of unknown ingredients. We explored the bug-like texture of lavender flowers, the clamminess of wet sand, the bitty texture of soil - but we were rewarded after a bowl of ice cubes, with the peaceful touch of tepid water and lavender scent.

Thank you to all who came to the workshop and for sharing such inspiring ideas which we hope to develop further during term 4, with the children of Manaia.

Monday, September 23, 2013


The community of Manaia Kindergarten believe in Team NZ, we are supporting them each morning - groups of children and adults alike. Go Team New Zealand - JUST ONE MORE

Summer mat times at Manaia

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Hangi for Matariki Celebrations

Ma te whetūrangi o Matariki
E tiki mai, e manaaki mai i a koe,
I a koutou ranei,
no te tau e take mai ana.

May the gentle light of Matariki
Guide and inspire you all this year.

Kia ora Kane, Izaak and Karen for leading Manaia Kindergarten in our Matariki celebrations. Kia ora also to Jodi and Delwyn for supporting and guiding the teachers and kindergarten community in preparing for this special evening.

Kia ora to all the families who came in to support the children to prepare the vegetables and dig the hangi pit, and to the families who contributed delicious kai from their homes. 

Kia ora Roimata for the words that have helped us to understand the meaning and life of Matariki, and who has been a great support in our desire to learn more.

It was a wonderful time to come together, share the year that has been, to look forward to the future and remember the families who have contributed so much to the kindergarten over the years. Kia ora whanau.

Quinn Sings

Quinn you have shared your many passions during your time at Kindergarten. It has been great to learn so much about dinosaurs from you. While we borrowed Ruawai Kindergarten's microphone sound system you also shared your passion for singing. What a confident singer you are Quinn, and how great of you to share that passion with all of us.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Grace does the monkey bars

If at first you don't succeed, try, try,try again. Ka rawe Grace. Awesome. All that practising paid off.

Olivia's Star Song

"Stars,stars beautiful stars
Which one is it?
I don't know why
When you see one from mars
That one will be mine,mine ,mine!"
This month we have been talking about Matariki, the Maori and Pacific Island New Year, at Manaia Kindergarten. The children have decided we should have a Matariki celebration and invite all our whanau for a hangi and sing some of the new waiata that we have learnt . Today Olivia wanted to share her song about stars that she had created. Tino pai Olivia

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Poi E - Manaia Poi skills

Preparing for our Matariki celebrations.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Enjoying our new space

Today we enjoyed our new community land together. Due to intense building projects on the mat, and industrious work in our covered area - we moved mat time to the sea side. As ?? said "I love it out here, we get to see Mt Manaia"With the cage like structures down, and the wooden fence protecting our space, this natural environment provides the children and families of Manaia Kindergarten with a greater connection to their maunga (mountain) and awa (sea).

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Building a natural space for our tamariki and community

Our project is well underway. It has been a long time coming. The space in front of the kindergarten has always been a favourite to run downhill and wallow in the long grass. This is where our vegetable gardens are, and a few fruit tree have already been planted in this space. The space flows on to the carpark, so it has always been tricky to use safely with large groups of children. Over the past few years we have worked with our community to consider ideas about how to best use this land. 

With permission from the school, it was decided to fence the area in such a way that it would blend with our environment, and work in with our natural resources designed for this area - ie vegetable gardens, trees, and visiting larger pets (lambs, calves etc)

First the little blue digger visited kindergarten, and Jason dug a trench. Over the next two days Jason worked hard putting the poles in place. Then the poles had to be concreted in and Izzy's Dad, Izaak came to help. Now we are waiting for the concrete to set and for that special day when we will officially open our new community space. 

Thank you Jason, Izaak and Izzy for working on our new space.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Conserving Water

The new term has begun with the installation of water tanks. We continue our journey to learn more about caring for our environment and looking after our natural resources. Today we checked out the watertanks for the first time. We tapped the sides to hear what it sounded like when we tapped at the water level and what it sounded like when we tapped over the height of the water level. 

We have one tank of water to use in our sandpit, and another tank of water to use in our vegetable garden. All the water in the water tanks is collected from the rain that falls on the roof. We explored all the pipes that came down from the roof's gutter. We will have to check the water tanks in the morning to see how much water we have available - and hope it rains lots, so our water tank always stays full..... yeah right! This will be a great learning exercise to managing our use of water.