Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flying the poi

We enjoy many waiata at Manaia Kindergarten. Poi are a special part of our waiata learning - adding action as we learn te reo. There is so much enjoyment as we share our time together with music.

Friday, June 1, 2012

She does all her own stunts!!

She does it again "walking the plank".
This is a reasonably easy risk for our stunt girl.

Enjoying the natural world in the winter sun

Luke and Montana created a monsoon rain forest feeling in the trees today. What a great sunny winter day to explore the mud that resulted in the bush. The children at Manaia love the natural world, planting, pruning and climbing trees, building mud pools and slides, eating 'soup pies' of bark, mud and water.

Ceara's holiday to Southland

Ceara shares the stories from her holiday in the South Island. Ceara looked at her photos on the ipad, and using photosonic recorded her words into the special slide show.