Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Us Be Pirates

Pirates have takin' ova Manaia Kindergarten.  What is a Pirate you might be askin'. Well here be what we said:
  • They have a hook (Erin), They wear hats (Joel), They have red clothes and some wear pink (Hayley)
  • They only have hooks if crocodiles eat their hands (Olivia),
  • They have a sword (Hagen)
  • They’ve got flags on the pirate boats (Jamie)
  • They have pirate boots (Ema)
  • They have eye patches (Finn)
What they be doin'?
  • They fight pirates and navy’s (Adam)
  • Treasure hunt (Hazel)
  • Pirates have birthdays and birthday cakes. I have a book about them (Renee)

 Are pirates good or bad?

10 children said pirates are good - They say please and thank-you (Jack)
20 said pirates are bad - Pirates steal treasure (Jah), They shoot guns out of helicopters (Quinn),
They cut people with their swords (Joel),
Sometimes they do swim to other boats and they catch other pirates (Oscar)
Some children thought there were good and bad pirates
Benefits of Pirate Play
Dramatic play offers children to chance to step into another role - Children portray elements of their own lives, or explore opposing characteristics that they might not otherwise have a chance to explore. Using their imagination, dramatic play is about the journey of developing a story, in which they are the authors or co-authors. Language development  grows as children explore new vocabulory and sounds. Pirate play brings in literacy as children design maps, creating symbols representing the world around them. Emblems for pirate 'gangs', boats, flags and hats are explored. Pirate play adds elements of risk and danger and throws up questions about fairness, being kind or unkind, how that feels and how to cope and solve problems, what it is like when problems are not solved in a way that is fair. The role playing of pirates is free play, and therefor children can opt in or out according to their interests and level of comfort in 'scary' play. But the challenges are there if they are willing to take the risk, and play alongside others, contributing their ideas and making their fears known when needed. Or they can take on a new persona to overcome their nerve. As the song says "If you're shy and need some nerve - TALK LIKE A PIRATE".
The great song we have been singing is from the Talk Like A Pirate Day website and is written by Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers. We have changed the words slightly for the children at Kindergarten. These are the words we learnt....
If ye be a lucky lad - talk like a pirate (x3)
Its talk like a pirate day.
If ye be a lively lass - talk like a pirate (x3)
Its talk like a pirate day.
For one day a year, we get to talk like buccaneer
We shout "A HOY" and "HEAVE TO"
So join our pirate crew.
If you're shy and need some nerve (x3)
Talk like a pirate day.

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