Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Makin Maps of treasure

Hayley, Hagen, Meika, Quinn C and Erin - Writing and drawing symbols that represent our kindergarten playground. Renee sat on the box, looking out over the kindergarten and reported back about what she saw, before this video was created.
This be our treasure map and there be treasure on our map. We all had to read the treasure map to find the treasure. There be much discussion, directional vocabulary! There was some question about the accuracy of the map as it was read and followed - revising, self assessing, coaching, peer assessment, team work and negotiating. We found and hid the treasure many times - creating new maps each day to add to our adventures.


Zoe Cumming said...

It's great to see Quinn so enthusiastically involved in the treasure map drawing and working together with his kindymates. Next time I'm outside at the Kindergarten I'll have to watch out for the T-Rex by the sandpit!

Louise said...

Hello from a kinder in the Mallee in Victoria Australia - the children at Ouyen Kinder are still on holidays but I have enjoyed visiting you over in NZ and look forward to catching up with you again sometime.
From Louise (Mrs Leach)

Louise said...

Hi it's Louise here again, from Ouyen. I am interested in discussing with your teachers the indicators of deeper learning that you have selected and articulated - could someone get back to me about this?