Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Facepainting - You Gotta’ Love It!

There are different kinds of face painting we subscribe to at Manaia Kindergarten. One kind is where some talented members of our community offer to share their skills and transform the faces of our children. The children delight in the transformations produced and the admiring comments of others. Another kind of face painting is the voyage of learning and discovery children undertake when they paint their own faces. Looking into a mirror they employ careful eye hand control and fine motor grip to create a desired line or shape on a particular part of their face. They work with purpose and increasing confidence. They choose and mix colours from a palette to achieve their desired effect. Some children wipe off and try again several times as they work towards their vision or just to explore what is possible.

In the following slide show the children show us what is possible and how good this kind of creative expression can feel.

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