Friday, February 24, 2012

Celebrating the teachers of Manaia Kindergarten

Over the past 10 years, Manaia has had teams of dedicated teachers. Each team, and each team member, has brought something significant and inspiring to the children and families of Manaia Kindergarten. We have had sewers and ict experts, storytellers and bakers, gentle teachers and active teachers, teachers who have helped to introduce animals into the programme, and teachers who have shared the world with children. Now we have two new teachers. They arrived as permanent teachers from our local community, in July/August 2011.

Introducing: Sally Griffin and Anne Hohmann.

Sally brings an in-depth knowledge of sustainable living and a commitment to working with the children in the care of the environment. Sally creates energy and provoking installations, setting up the environment with children that is aesthetically inviting and inspiring.
Anne brings music. A talent for playing the guitar and inspiring children to sing. She supports children with building skills for authentic projects to improve the kindergarten environment. Anne has the gentle touch supporting children to find their place.

The 2012 Manaia Kindergarten teaching team:

Anne, Sally, Beverly