Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Makin Maps of treasure

Hayley, Hagen, Meika, Quinn C and Erin - Writing and drawing symbols that represent our kindergarten playground. Renee sat on the box, looking out over the kindergarten and reported back about what she saw, before this video was created.
This be our treasure map and there be treasure on our map. We all had to read the treasure map to find the treasure. There be much discussion, directional vocabulary! There was some question about the accuracy of the map as it was read and followed - revising, self assessing, coaching, peer assessment, team work and negotiating. We found and hid the treasure many times - creating new maps each day to add to our adventures.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Parua Bay Primary School - Talent Quest

Thanks to Parua Bay Primary School for inviting Manaia Kindergarten to their bi-annual Talent Quest. As Manaia Kindergarten has been right into Pirates, and as the Talent Quest was on International Talk Like a Pirate Day - we just HAD to sing our pirate songs. First we introduced Talk Like a Pirate Day, with the Talk Like A Pirate Day contest song! Congratulations to all the Manaia children who stood up in front of hundreds of families to sing our songs so confidently and enthusiastically.
And we finished with our favourite!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Us Be Pirates

Pirates have takin' ova Manaia Kindergarten.  What is a Pirate you might be askin'. Well here be what we said:
  • They have a hook (Erin), They wear hats (Joel), They have red clothes and some wear pink (Hayley)
  • They only have hooks if crocodiles eat their hands (Olivia),
  • They have a sword (Hagen)
  • They’ve got flags on the pirate boats (Jamie)
  • They have pirate boots (Ema)
  • They have eye patches (Finn)
What they be doin'?
  • They fight pirates and navy’s (Adam)
  • Treasure hunt (Hazel)
  • Pirates have birthdays and birthday cakes. I have a book about them (Renee)

 Are pirates good or bad?

10 children said pirates are good - They say please and thank-you (Jack)
20 said pirates are bad - Pirates steal treasure (Jah), They shoot guns out of helicopters (Quinn),
They cut people with their swords (Joel),
Sometimes they do swim to other boats and they catch other pirates (Oscar)
Some children thought there were good and bad pirates
Benefits of Pirate Play
Dramatic play offers children to chance to step into another role - Children portray elements of their own lives, or explore opposing characteristics that they might not otherwise have a chance to explore. Using their imagination, dramatic play is about the journey of developing a story, in which they are the authors or co-authors. Language development  grows as children explore new vocabulory and sounds. Pirate play brings in literacy as children design maps, creating symbols representing the world around them. Emblems for pirate 'gangs', boats, flags and hats are explored. Pirate play adds elements of risk and danger and throws up questions about fairness, being kind or unkind, how that feels and how to cope and solve problems, what it is like when problems are not solved in a way that is fair. The role playing of pirates is free play, and therefor children can opt in or out according to their interests and level of comfort in 'scary' play. But the challenges are there if they are willing to take the risk, and play alongside others, contributing their ideas and making their fears known when needed. Or they can take on a new persona to overcome their nerve. As the song says "If you're shy and need some nerve - TALK LIKE A PIRATE".
The great song we have been singing is from the Talk Like A Pirate Day website and is written by Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers. We have changed the words slightly for the children at Kindergarten. These are the words we learnt....
If ye be a lucky lad - talk like a pirate (x3)
Its talk like a pirate day.
If ye be a lively lass - talk like a pirate (x3)
Its talk like a pirate day.
For one day a year, we get to talk like buccaneer
We shout "A HOY" and "HEAVE TO"
So join our pirate crew.
If you're shy and need some nerve (x3)
Talk like a pirate day.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2012

Quinn tells the story of Butterfly Creek

What a cool story Quinn. You have told your story so clearly. You obviously had a great time at Butterfly Creek this weekend.

Check out Quinn's story - and leave him a message.

Quinn told his story on the ipad, using the app SonicPics. This is such a great app for story telling - easily loading photos, one press to record, and then the children can swipe across the photos while telling their story. Movies are saved into the library, or emailed to friends, family - or the blog.

Our new policeman hats

The arrival of new resources has been a hit. It's good to know we now have trusty police at kindergarten - wonder what work they will be doing?

If people are drinking or driving the policeman will pull them over and give them a ticket - Quinn

They put people away. They put them in the dungeon - Hayley

If people have been very fast they will put them in jail. If they are running at kindergarten they will tell the teachers. - Jack

If they'd been naughty they'll put them in jail - Jah.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Planting our Peach Tree

Today's the Day. After a year long wait we finally plant our tree. What an exciting day with the digger. Authentic learning about how machines work, the jobs they preform, safety and working as a team. A special thanks to Caleb Salisbury from Adonai Trees, and Shaun Robinson from Manaia Contractors for the time they donated to Manaia Kindergarten today. The children now have the task of caring for the tree and watering it everyday.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Peach Tree

When our parents met together to plan further playground upgrades, we had a unanimous decision to find a climbing tree for our playground. We have been looking for over a year for a grown climbing tree. We were prepared to pay money, for tree and haulage. Then Anne said "What about the peach tree in the car park!!!!" Bravo - we all love that tree - many school children climb it on their way home from school - and eat the peaches!

Today we explored our Peach Tree - we touched it, climbed it, talked about its roots and what would happen when we move it. We're gonna move the peach tree into the playground and climb it!!

Tree climbing helps children connect with nature. It is a very tactile experience - feeling the rough and the smooth of the branches, the thin and the thick wood, the bendible sticks. Climbing trees provides risk and an opportunity for children to assess their strength and abilities. There are chances to set goals, to climb higher and to discuss safe climbing practices. Trees engage children's imagination as the tree turns into a ship, a mountain, a house. In winter the branches will be bare and easy to climb and see 'forever'. In summer the leaves will provide the perfect hiding places. It will provide shade in the hot sun, leaves to crunch in autum and delicious fruit in spring.

A climbing tree is beneficial for all children's growth and development.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Drawing together with MoMA

MoMA Art Lab generated collaboration and creativity for children on the ipad today. Working together they created this image. .
Children shared the ipad and contributed ideas to the creation. This is the first creation on MoMA Art Lab, so there was much excitement and curiosity

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Facepainting - You Gotta’ Love It!

There are different kinds of face painting we subscribe to at Manaia Kindergarten. One kind is where some talented members of our community offer to share their skills and transform the faces of our children. The children delight in the transformations produced and the admiring comments of others. Another kind of face painting is the voyage of learning and discovery children undertake when they paint their own faces. Looking into a mirror they employ careful eye hand control and fine motor grip to create a desired line or shape on a particular part of their face. They work with purpose and increasing confidence. They choose and mix colours from a palette to achieve their desired effect. Some children wipe off and try again several times as they work towards their vision or just to explore what is possible.

In the following slide show the children show us what is possible and how good this kind of creative expression can feel.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mud Mud Glorious Mud

Welcome to term 3 Manaia Kindergarten playground!! Its raining. Its poured today. And there's MUD - mud mud everywhere. Mud is great fun. It's a very tactile experience to wallow in mud. Mud reacts differently to wet sand, clay, water, dirt. Mud sticks. Mud splashes. You can sink into mud. You can squelsh mud. See the excitement and learning taking place - in the mud!

Monkey Bar Champions

Hayley "Beverly, can you take lots of photos of me doing all of the Monkey Bars and put it on the computer so that I can see it on my computer at home?"
Certainly, Hayley. What a star. You have such confidence on the bars and you were even trying out new tricks to show. You know how to share your work with your family, who are so interested in all that you do at Kindergarten and are very involved in your education. I'm sure they will be very proud to see your skills and maybe even challenge you further.

It was great to do this alongside your friend James. James you have learnt how to do the monkey bars with confidence. Maybe you can work alongside Hayley to learn how to do the monkey bars up hill.

On the monkey bars we have to think of so many things to do at the same time. We practice co-ordination - moving different limbs at the same time to do different things. We strengthen our muscles, particularly our arm muscles, but also have to think about what are legs are doing too. And we have to take a risk. When we first begin we have to trust that our arms can hold our bodies and learn how to fall safely when our arms are tired. We learn to persevere - to practice and try and practice again. No wonder these children are called our Monkey Bar Champions!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flying the poi

We enjoy many waiata at Manaia Kindergarten. Poi are a special part of our waiata learning - adding action as we learn te reo. There is so much enjoyment as we share our time together with music.

Friday, June 1, 2012

She does all her own stunts!!

She does it again "walking the plank".
This is a reasonably easy risk for our stunt girl.

Enjoying the natural world in the winter sun

Luke and Montana created a monsoon rain forest feeling in the trees today. What a great sunny winter day to explore the mud that resulted in the bush. The children at Manaia love the natural world, planting, pruning and climbing trees, building mud pools and slides, eating 'soup pies' of bark, mud and water.

Ceara's holiday to Southland

Ceara shares the stories from her holiday in the South Island. Ceara looked at her photos on the ipad, and using photosonic recorded her words into the special slide show.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Otis teaches everyone Slippery Fish

Today we were going to sing "the goldfish song" at mat time. Beverly made the movement of a fish for the children to guess what song we were about to sing... Otis yelled excitedly "Slippery Fish". Beverly looked stunned. She didn't know how to sing Slippery Fish - but all the children did. So Otis lead the group to teach Beverly Slippery Fish. Now you can learn it too....

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Goal reached

Before any other child arrives at kindergarten, Montana swings. Her goal to push the sun shade and touch the sky. What a proud day when Montana was able to show her Mum her achievements!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fish and Chip Night

In celebration of our great Blokes, Manaia Kindergarten invited Dads, Uncles, Grand-dads for a fish and chip night.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Quinn's Orcas

Wow Quinn - what an amazing experience you had with Ingrid Visser. Your story will help others learn about Orcas. Thanks for sharing your story at Mat time. Now here is an opportunity for you to share your story with your wider family and friends.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Celebrating the teachers of Manaia Kindergarten

Over the past 10 years, Manaia has had teams of dedicated teachers. Each team, and each team member, has brought something significant and inspiring to the children and families of Manaia Kindergarten. We have had sewers and ict experts, storytellers and bakers, gentle teachers and active teachers, teachers who have helped to introduce animals into the programme, and teachers who have shared the world with children. Now we have two new teachers. They arrived as permanent teachers from our local community, in July/August 2011.

Introducing: Sally Griffin and Anne Hohmann.

Sally brings an in-depth knowledge of sustainable living and a commitment to working with the children in the care of the environment. Sally creates energy and provoking installations, setting up the environment with children that is aesthetically inviting and inspiring.
Anne brings music. A talent for playing the guitar and inspiring children to sing. She supports children with building skills for authentic projects to improve the kindergarten environment. Anne has the gentle touch supporting children to find their place.

The 2012 Manaia Kindergarten teaching team:

Anne, Sally, Beverly