Friday, May 27, 2011

Ella's School Visit

Ella had her last day at Kindergarten yesterday and was very proud to create a slide show with Robyn of her recent school visit . Using Kidpix and Photobooth to create a movie slide show is a new programme that the Teachers are starting to use. Ella did an amazing job at telling her story about Whangarei Heads School the new school she has started today! Well done Ella.
We hope your first day at school was fabulous! We know that you will absorb lots of new learning and that you will continue to challenge and extend yourself.

coming soon

I'm sure your new school teacher will enjoy watching this Ella, we hope you share it with your class too.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pa-rua Bay + Whangarei Heads Trip

At Manaia Kindergarten we have been learning about the history and cultural significance of our area. To deepen our knowledge and understandings we visited Motukiore Island - A Maori pa site just off Manganese Point. We have recently discovered that Parua Bay was given its name because it is the Bay of two (rua) Pa. The children and families climbed to the top of this site - which once was a fortified Maori village, fascinating as the terraces and ditches are clearly visible. From this vantage point we could view Whangarei Heads and Harbour - the children were very impressed at seeing Maunga Manaia - Mount Manaia. We then traveled to McGregors Bay in Taiharuru to explore the wonderful natural environment at our doorstep. Together we found all sorts of treasures and sea creatures hiding in the rock pools, delighting in our discoveries. A wonderful outing was had by all. Thank you to all the families for supporting us and joining us on our learning journey.

Isis the dance teacher

This is a wonderful movie of Isis being a tap dance teacher to all of her friends at Kindergarten. Isis they were all enthralled by your fantastic show and the sound that your shoes made. You were kind enough to provide individual lessons and share your new tap shoes with your friends. You did a really impressive job at displaying your tap dance skills and talents especially as you have yet to have your own first lesson in this genre of dance. You already are a great dancer Isis we look forward to watching your dance future unfold.