Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Library bus, library bus, we're all going on the library bus..."

Glen and the Whangarei Library Bus have been a part of Kindergarten life for many years. One morning every month the big red bus trundles down our driveway and parks outside the kindergarten door. Children stop what they are doing and run from all corners of the playground to have the first turn on the library bus. What excitement! Children choose their own books to read and share at Kindergarten. We find the books with the most inviting covers, then carefully open them on the world map rug in the library bus. Children page through the books before deciding if this is the book for them.

Today those children waiting for their turn began to chant. So together with Anne and Glenn a song was create - "The Library Bus" - sung by Glen and the children of Manaia Kindergarten on the library bus.

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devinegal said...

Wow fantastic song, I love it.