Sunday, October 9, 2011

Silk Painting

Justine and Francis are working with the children to explore Silk Painting. The aim is to create illustrations for our new book. In 2008 Manaia Kindergarten published its own book - Our Mountains and the Kiwi - you can see that book in our kindergarten library, illustrated by children's oil paintings. This year we have decided to publish another book about the sea. We will be using the medium of silk painting. We began by just exploring how the silk paint moves, spreads and blends on the silk. It was a soothing, peaceful start to our work with silk. We had no object in mind - but to explore...

We will also share our preparation drawings for our silk paintings.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Performing Arts

This week the Manaia Kindergarten children attended the Parua Bay School production. They sat entranced for an hour and a half while their brothers, sisters and friends entertained them with wonderfully vibrant singing, dancing and acting.
Back at the kindergarten, after the show, the children were still buzzing with the excitement of it all. A bit of music and some ribbons and leis soon had them putting on a outdoor performance of their own. The next day a big box from the playground became a stage in the mat area. The following video shows vignettes of some of the children’s experimenting with performance. Watch how they cooperate and collaborate to use the small stage space. See their confidence, coordination and artistic improvisation as they find the beat and rhythm in the music and move their bodies, ribbons, and pois to entertain each other and their audience. Super learning and great fun!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Manaia Kindergartens 10th Party

On the 29th September 2011 over 100 people from past and present families and the community celebrated Manaia Kindergarten's 10th anniversary with a big, amazing, fun-filled party.