Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Message from Quinn

Dear Mum,
Today at Kindergarten I am going to read a book... I'm going to read Auntie Elsie - AGAIN.
This is a picture for you.
Love from Quinn
We will see you in two hours.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monkey Bar Madness and Determination

What a goal! What determination! Watch the video below - can you SEE the learning taking place, see the determination, see the exhilaration.

10 Learning Outcomes Young children accomplish when conquering the Monkey Bars

First - Goal Setting
Monkey bars are an instant goal. Many children set their own time frame when the WILL be able to conquer the Monkey Bars

Second - Risk and Trust.
Children being prepared to take a risk. Children have to trust the first time that when they plummet from the box, they WILL be able to hold their body weight and not plunge to the ground.

Third - Patience.
Waiting until their muscles are strong. They hang from the first bar until their muscles are strong enough to move forward.

Forth - Belief in themselves
Believing that they have the knowledge, skills and desire to actually eventually cross all the monkey bars - just as the children before them have been able to do.

Fifth - Determination, Perseverance
Practicing again and again and again and again. You can SEE this on their faces.

Sixth - Overcoming barriers
Callouses form, blisters burst, muscles ache - but each time they dig deeper and move forward.

Seventh - Knowledge of how their bodies move
Learning to control their bodies. Strength to hold them up, Co-ordination to hold on for dear life AND move one hand off the bar and forward to grab the next bar.

Eighth - Overcoming 'failure'
When children fall (and they do - over and over again), getting back up and trying again.

Ninth - Overcoming all the odds
In their determination, children's bodies sometimes don't react the way they hope and as they grip, determined not to fall, their bodies swing, twist, wriggle, mutate - but with a clear head, and belief in themselves, they hold on tight and gain control to continue the journey across the monkey bar challenge.

Tenth - Celebrating successes and supporting others' achievements.
What inner satisfaction, they feel and celebrate when at last they reach the other side.

You GOTTA watch this!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lachlan's trip to Australia

It was great to work alongside Lachlan with his first photostory. It was obviously a great family holiday with lots of family fun together. Lachlan talked to me in great detail about the first 12 or so photos but unfortunatley when the computer shut down suddenly none of these descriptive detailed accounts were saved. Lachlan really enjoyed viewing each photo and recording twice before we moved on to more recording. Lachlan proudly showed his story to his Mum and Dad at Kindergarten and I know Nana, Grandad, cousins and other family and friends will enjoy finding out about Lachlan's wonderful family holiday .