Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Isis the dance teacher

This is a wonderful movie of Isis being a tap dance teacher to all of her friends at Kindergarten. Isis they were all enthralled by your fantastic show and the sound that your shoes made. You were kind enough to provide individual lessons and share your new tap shoes with your friends. You did a really impressive job at displaying your tap dance skills and talents especially as you have yet to have your own first lesson in this genre of dance. You already are a great dancer Isis we look forward to watching your dance future unfold.

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Auntie Cara said...

Well done, my beautiful, darling Isis!! I cannot wait to see you again in person so you may teach me your fabulous moves! Your mommy and I used to put on performances like that when we were little, but I'm sure they could not compare with your skill! Bravo, Sweetie!!