Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ellinor Swimming

A number of children have been interested in creating their own Photostories and Ellinor is one of them. Ellinor's Mum took a Kindergarten camera to her swimming lesson and this wonderful story is the result. Ellinor is excited at having this story on the blog as she knows her Grandma and Grandad (who are on holiday in Australia) will be able to see her swimming in her movie.


Anonymous said...

Ellinor you are trying so hard to swim keeping your arms straight, keep trying an keep smiling as your are enjoying yourself.

Lots of Love
Mummy, Daddy & Madeline

Treehouse Dwellers said...

Eleanor - When you leave Kindergarten early to go swimming I have always wondered how you are going with your lessons. Wow - You are floating, have your head in the water, and swimming on your own. What a great achievement!! You look like you have great fun at the pools. Learning to swim is SO important where we live, because we are surrounded by water. Thanks for sharing your experiences - thanks for showing other children how much fun it is to learn how to swim. Cheers Beverly

Anonymous said...

What a great swimmer you are Miss Ellinor. I think you must be part fish!

From Leanne in the office