Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jorja's picture for Mummy

Dear Mummy, I would like you to come back. I'm looking forward to you coming back. I have done a picture for you - its a picture of you and me and Gama and Daddy. I would like you to put it on the fridge.
Lots of love to Mummy. From Jorja


Anonymous said...

Hi Jorja. You have done an awesome job of your blogg. I enjoyed spending time with you when I was up in Whangarei. You are a very clever young lady. I look forward to the next time I see you. Love you darling xoxoxoxox Aunty Lisa.

Anonymous said...

Jorja I am so impressed with you knowledge of computers. You explore different programmes during the day, and teach your Dad about your discoveries when he arrives to pick you up. You are keen to learn and keen to share. The blog is another great way to share your learning. I look forward to your next blogpost. Beverly

Cara Calvert-Thomas said...

What lovely artwork, Jorja!