Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hunter's Photostory of Amy's Wedding

Hunter was very proud of himself as he was the page boy at his Aunty Amy's wedding. He told me that his job was to... "hold the rings". Watch and listen to his account of his wedding experience. He looked very handsome and smart, as did the whole bridal party look stunning, of course as it also included his sister and Mum! Hunter's confidence gained momentum as he became familiar with speaking and his story grew louder and clearer. They also visited Tane Mahuta so you can learn about this important tree too! Fantastic work Hunter.


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic photo story Hunter! Thanks for keeping my ring safe! Lots of Love Aunty Amy xxx

Susan said...

You are such a good storyteller!!!
I am so very proud of the way you spoke so loudly and clearly when you told your wedding story.
I could tell that you really love your family and that you had a wonderful time at the wedding.
We love you very much.
Grandma Susieeeeee and Grampy
from St.Louis

Anonymous said...

Loved your movie Hunter - well done. You all looked stunning.

from Leanne in the office

Anonymous said...

Wow Hunter! It the photo of you with Tane Mahuta. What an enormous beautiful tree! You are clever knowing about Tane Mahuta being "the king of the forest." What a good memory you have. I'm sure that was a special part of the wedding. Thank you for sharing that special day with us.
Libby (Kindergarten Teacher in New Plymouth)