Thursday, March 10, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake - Christchurch Angels

Christchurch Earthquake - Christchurch Angels
After the Christchurch earthquake, teachers at Manaia asked Isis about her Cantabrian Grandparents. She had much to say, as did all the other children at the kai table. At the next mat time, we gave all children a chance to just talk about this catastrophic disaster.

Rochelle began with a simple statement:

"Some of you may have heard about the sad things that have happened in Christchurch...."

She could go no further, as children began to talk, shared stories, and spoke with empathy.

Christchurch Angels.

We considered ways to help. Beverly showed images of her polymer clay (Du-Kit) angels. Children wanted to make them too. What amazing skills. Angels created while talking about Christchurch.

The Christchurch Angels are sold for $5 each. Funds will go to the Canterbury Kindergarten Association (as will those raised at Kindergartens around Northland). So far Manaia can not keep up with demands for angels from parents. This will be a long term project- excess angels will hopefully be sold from a Charity shop in Whangarei for Christchurch.

Angels created by Manaia Kindergarten children for the children of Christchurch. This movie will take 4min - see the angels, consider children's words -in silence, remember the people of Christchurch and their rescuers - the real Christchurch Angels.

We remembered with the nation on a Red and Black Friday. Parua Bay Education facilities - Parua Bay School, PB Childcare Centre, PB Playcentre and ourselves raised money that day for the Red Cross helping in Christchurch.

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