Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jorja's picture for Mummy

Dear Mummy, I would like you to come back. I'm looking forward to you coming back. I have done a picture for you - its a picture of you and me and Gama and Daddy. I would like you to put it on the fridge.
Lots of love to Mummy. From Jorja

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daniel is a very keen photographer at Kindergarten and he has recently taken a camera home to take photos of things that are important to him at home. Daniel lives right beside the water and he (and his dad) have taken so many great photos. It was fun working with you to make your photostory Daniel and great to learn more about what you enjoy doing when you are at home. I know you have family in America who will also enjoy seeing and hearing about what you enjoy doing when you are at home.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hunter's Photostory of Amy's Wedding

Hunter was very proud of himself as he was the page boy at his Aunty Amy's wedding. He told me that his job was to... "hold the rings". Watch and listen to his account of his wedding experience. He looked very handsome and smart, as did the whole bridal party look stunning, of course as it also included his sister and Mum! Hunter's confidence gained momentum as he became familiar with speaking and his story grew louder and clearer. They also visited Tane Mahuta so you can learn about this important tree too! Fantastic work Hunter.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ella J takes her Aunties to the Airport!

Take a look at Ella's photostory. Hear about her journey with her family to Warkworth and Auckland airport. Ella has been observing her friends make their photostories and was keen to have a go herself. What a great job Ella, you have such wonderful photographic and storytelling abilities.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ella's 12345678910 book

Ella loves to write stories and today she set herself a goal to create her own book about counting up to 10 in Te Reo Maori. After completing her book Ella read it to everyone at mat time. The following day she took photos of each page and created a photo story of her book. Unfortunatley her Dad just missed hearing her read her book at mat time but Ella was excited (and amazed) to think that because her book is on our blog her Mum, Dad and her family in Auckland would be able to see her book and hear her read it. I hope you family and friends enjoy looking and listening to your book Ella.

Isis' Movie

Recently Isis bought her dancing dvd's to Kindergarten which a number of children enjoyed. Last week her Grandma (from Christchurch) took a Kindergarten camera along to Isis's 'hard core' dance lesson and this wonderful photostory is the result. Isis was very proud to show this to the rest of us at Kindergarten on the big screen at mat time. Her Grandma and Great Grandma from Alaska are arriving today and Isis is keen for them to take a camera to her ballet dancing lessons so she can create another photostory to go on our blog.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ellinor Swimming

A number of children have been interested in creating their own Photostories and Ellinor is one of them. Ellinor's Mum took a Kindergarten camera to her swimming lesson and this wonderful story is the result. Ellinor is excited at having this story on the blog as she knows her Grandma and Grandad (who are on holiday in Australia) will be able to see her swimming in her movie.

Christchurch Earthquake - Christchurch Angels

Christchurch Earthquake - Christchurch Angels
After the Christchurch earthquake, teachers at Manaia asked Isis about her Cantabrian Grandparents. She had much to say, as did all the other children at the kai table. At the next mat time, we gave all children a chance to just talk about this catastrophic disaster.

Rochelle began with a simple statement:

"Some of you may have heard about the sad things that have happened in Christchurch...."

She could go no further, as children began to talk, shared stories, and spoke with empathy.

Christchurch Angels.

We considered ways to help. Beverly showed images of her polymer clay (Du-Kit) angels. Children wanted to make them too. What amazing skills. Angels created while talking about Christchurch.

The Christchurch Angels are sold for $5 each. Funds will go to the Canterbury Kindergarten Association (as will those raised at Kindergartens around Northland). So far Manaia can not keep up with demands for angels from parents. This will be a long term project- excess angels will hopefully be sold from a Charity shop in Whangarei for Christchurch.

Angels created by Manaia Kindergarten children for the children of Christchurch. This movie will take 4min - see the angels, consider children's words -in silence, remember the people of Christchurch and their rescuers - the real Christchurch Angels.

We remembered with the nation on a Red and Black Friday. Parua Bay Education facilities - Parua Bay School, PB Childcare Centre, PB Playcentre and ourselves raised money that day for the Red Cross helping in Christchurch.