Friday, February 25, 2011

Ukelele Jams

It is always great having Gill at Manaia Kindergarten. As a Northland Kindergarten Association Itinerant teacher, Gill helps relieve us from our work on the 'floor' so taht we can complete all that paperwork!! Gill comes and shares her knowledge and interest with the children and teachers. She particularly enhances our programme through story-telling and music.

Today, Gill dusted down our new ukuleles and encouraged children and teachers alike to explore their musical abilities. Gill worked particularly intensively with Daniel, our professional musician, to help him share his self composed song.

It was wonderful to hear the children's playing and see their pride as they shared their talents.


Anonymous said...

Well done guys - I think we will have to start our own band at kindy, The Manaia Stars!!.

From Leanne in the office

Tania said...

I would love to learn how to play the ukulele like you! What incredible skills you are all learning:-)

Tasha Cowdy said...

Hey adults and children at Manaia Kindergarten. I am Tasha Cowdy and I'm a Kindergarten teacher at Yokohama International School in Japan. Ive recently started a class blog. I love seeing what other Kindergarten classes around the world are doing. I get great ideas for things I could do with my Kindergarten children. I LOVE the ukuleles. I would like to show my children your video clip. Maybe they will be inspired to have a go at playing the Ukelele. Tasha

Manaia Kindergarten said...

Hi Tasha,

It was great to receive a comment from you and know that the Manaia Children are inspiring others. We would love to see a movie of your children's playing. Manaia is enjoying the new purchase of Ukulele's and experimenting with tuning and playing. Please share your blog address with us if you are able.


Manaia Kindergarten said...

Dear Tasha,

We have been looking at the blog and reading your comment and realised you are in Japan. We have all been watching the sad things happening in Japan, and we are hoping that you and the children with you are all ok. We are sending thoughts your way and hope to hear from you again soon.

From the children at Manaia Kindergarten

Anonymous said...

Well Daniel I am so proud of you, you are doing so well and so are the other kids at your kindy. I think it is time i started to teach you guitar and keyboard then you can come and play gigs with me, It is so good to see how well you are doing here...much love Daddy
Gary Hansen

Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow Daniel!
You are a great musician just like your Daddy, I am very impressed.
Great job!

-Kaydene xo