Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Animals at Kindergarten - building a home

Wow What alot has happened this year already at Kindergarten. We have FISH in an aquarium, Tadpoles and Frogs in a tank, and a Bantam Chook in our chook house. What a way to start the year.

We have been learning lots about what animals need and how to set up new homes for them. We let the fish swim and watch them through the glass. We have learnt that tadpoles don't survive in tapwater (that was a hard lesson when a whole lot of our tadpoles died). We have found flies for our frogs. Together we built a house for a chicken. We learnt about its nesting house, a ramp for it to get to the grass.

We also all helped to BUILD the chicken house. Its a big house for a Bantam!! We had plans and pictures/diagrams to follow to fit all the shapes together. Sometimes it was tricky - but in the end it looks like a chook house!! Yippeeee. We used power tools to screw in the screws. NOW we have a CHICKEN in our chicken house and SHEs sitting on a clutch of eggs. In 21days, we will have baby chicks to look after... Watch this space!!

Here is a movie showing all the hard work - working together to build the chicken house.

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How lucky Beverly was to have so many helpers to build the chook house:-) I have heard stories about Beverly and power tools... I am so pleased she had such capable helpers this time round! I liked how you tried out the chook house. I hope it was comfortable and roomy for your new chook. How exciting that she is sitting on eggs - the countdown begins until you have chickens running around. I look forward to seeing photos and movies of them on the blog.
Keep taking care of all those pets and catching flies for your frog!