Friday, February 25, 2011

The Fairy Ballet - created by Luka

Lots of children at Kindergarten love to dance and we have a number of children who are going to dance lessons in their spare time. Isis bought in her 'Hard Core' dance dvd to dance to and a group of our ballerinas danced for us at mat time today. Luka has created a photostory so we can see what she does when she goes to her ballet class. With our enthusiastic ukulele players and our tallented dancers Kindergarten is a very exciting place to be:)

Ukelele Jams

It is always great having Gill at Manaia Kindergarten. As a Northland Kindergarten Association Itinerant teacher, Gill helps relieve us from our work on the 'floor' so taht we can complete all that paperwork!! Gill comes and shares her knowledge and interest with the children and teachers. She particularly enhances our programme through story-telling and music.

Today, Gill dusted down our new ukuleles and encouraged children and teachers alike to explore their musical abilities. Gill worked particularly intensively with Daniel, our professional musician, to help him share his self composed song.

It was wonderful to hear the children's playing and see their pride as they shared their talents.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fun in the Summer Sun

When it is hot at Manaia Kindergarten, it is time to get cool. We have pools in the sandpit, spray eachother with the hose, jump over sprinklers or create the fantastic water slide. What a wonderful experience for our new children. If you can think of other ways to cool down in our hot summers, please leave a comment, by clicking on the word comment at the end of this post, and share your thoughts.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tamati's Screen Printing

2011 Animals at Kindergarten - building a home

Wow What alot has happened this year already at Kindergarten. We have FISH in an aquarium, Tadpoles and Frogs in a tank, and a Bantam Chook in our chook house. What a way to start the year.

We have been learning lots about what animals need and how to set up new homes for them. We let the fish swim and watch them through the glass. We have learnt that tadpoles don't survive in tapwater (that was a hard lesson when a whole lot of our tadpoles died). We have found flies for our frogs. Together we built a house for a chicken. We learnt about its nesting house, a ramp for it to get to the grass.

We also all helped to BUILD the chicken house. Its a big house for a Bantam!! We had plans and pictures/diagrams to follow to fit all the shapes together. Sometimes it was tricky - but in the end it looks like a chook house!! Yippeeee. We used power tools to screw in the screws. NOW we have a CHICKEN in our chicken house and SHEs sitting on a clutch of eggs. In 21days, we will have baby chicks to look after... Watch this space!!

Here is a movie showing all the hard work - working together to build the chicken house.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Building relationships

What a wonderful place to meet and get to know each other - in the sandpit with a shared goal. The job was to "stop the water" in the volcano. The other job was to get to know each other as some here are new, and to know who is good at doing what. Who was going to be the leader? Who knew the most effective way to get the job done? Who was going to set the challenge? Who was going to work with the team and share the same goal.
The was much hilarity. There were times the team didn't work so well. But you all tried to work as a team and figure out how to work with each other, while still stopping the water. Great team building experience.