Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Year that Was - 2011

What a year of learning and growing. Manaia children coped with big changes this year. There were fantastic community highs, and real 'light bulb' moments for children. Learning together, helping eachother through difficult times, learning to learn alongside others who may be different from ourselves, finding firm friendships - soul mates. The teaching team changed but the passion for providing children with quality learning opportunities continued. We hope you all have fantastic and safe holiday adventures. We look forward to seeing you back at the end of January 2012 for another brilliant year of learning, growing and working together. "May the children of the future find a way to grow knowing love and hope - We will help you through, Forever Strong that's what we want for you....." With kind permission from Monquie Rhodes

Friday, December 16, 2011

Celebrating our children who are leaving


Monkeybar Challenge

iPad leader
Poi Dancers

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our Big Walk to Smugglers Cove

Listen to the children tell the story of our recent trip.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Library bus, library bus, we're all going on the library bus..."

Glen and the Whangarei Library Bus have been a part of Kindergarten life for many years. One morning every month the big red bus trundles down our driveway and parks outside the kindergarten door. Children stop what they are doing and run from all corners of the playground to have the first turn on the library bus. What excitement! Children choose their own books to read and share at Kindergarten. We find the books with the most inviting covers, then carefully open them on the world map rug in the library bus. Children page through the books before deciding if this is the book for them.

Today those children waiting for their turn began to chant. So together with Anne and Glenn a song was create - "The Library Bus" - sung by Glen and the children of Manaia Kindergarten on the library bus.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Silk Painting

Justine and Francis are working with the children to explore Silk Painting. The aim is to create illustrations for our new book. In 2008 Manaia Kindergarten published its own book - Our Mountains and the Kiwi - you can see that book in our kindergarten library, illustrated by children's oil paintings. This year we have decided to publish another book about the sea. We will be using the medium of silk painting. We began by just exploring how the silk paint moves, spreads and blends on the silk. It was a soothing, peaceful start to our work with silk. We had no object in mind - but to explore...

We will also share our preparation drawings for our silk paintings.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Performing Arts

This week the Manaia Kindergarten children attended the Parua Bay School production. They sat entranced for an hour and a half while their brothers, sisters and friends entertained them with wonderfully vibrant singing, dancing and acting.
Back at the kindergarten, after the show, the children were still buzzing with the excitement of it all. A bit of music and some ribbons and leis soon had them putting on a outdoor performance of their own. The next day a big box from the playground became a stage in the mat area. The following video shows vignettes of some of the children’s experimenting with performance. Watch how they cooperate and collaborate to use the small stage space. See their confidence, coordination and artistic improvisation as they find the beat and rhythm in the music and move their bodies, ribbons, and pois to entertain each other and their audience. Super learning and great fun!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Manaia Kindergartens 10th Party

On the 29th September 2011 over 100 people from past and present families and the community celebrated Manaia Kindergarten's 10th anniversary with a big, amazing, fun-filled party.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kaedyn's school visit

Kaedyn took Wags home for a sleepover and then on his school visit the next day.

Ellinor's school visit

Thanks Ellinor for showing me how to create a blog on Manaia Kindergarten's site. You were a great teacher.Sally

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spring is here, Summer is on its way

The sun has been shining and the children have noticed and are thoroughly enjoying the warmer weather. Today Dylan and Kyla spontaneously created sunshine with their own individual interpretations.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Creative Hands

Jorja, Jayde and Brianna share the art of hand painting.

Chloe's Guinea Pigs visit

Thanks Chloe and Mum Stacey for bringing in your gorgeous guinea pigs for us all to enjoy a cuddle with today.What lovely pets they are.Sally

Monday, August 8, 2011

She's DONE it!!

Watch Jessica conquer her Monkeybar challenge!!

Check out Jessica's determination as she persists in learning the monkeybars in Monkeybar Madness

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Term 3 Week 1 - What fun!

There are a lot of changes happening at Manaia Kindergarten. Through it all, children are going from strength to strength. Our age ranges have extended and we have almost 5 year olds helping new 3 year olds. What amazing peer tutoring that is happening. We also have two new teachers whom we will introduce via the blog in a couple of weeks time. Its all happening here, and the children are loving it.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Greta horseriding

A wee while ago Greta watched as her friend Luka created a photo story. Shortly after that Greta began heading off for horseriding lessons with her Mum and photos and video were bought into Kindergarten. I'm sorry it has taken this long but it was great working alongside you to create this movie Greta. Well done. You certainly show great confidence and balance on Goldie the horse. Next we will create a movie with the videos your Mum bought in.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Message from Quinn

Dear Mum,
Today at Kindergarten I am going to read a book... I'm going to read Auntie Elsie - AGAIN.
This is a picture for you.
Love from Quinn
We will see you in two hours.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monkey Bar Madness and Determination

What a goal! What determination! Watch the video below - can you SEE the learning taking place, see the determination, see the exhilaration.

10 Learning Outcomes Young children accomplish when conquering the Monkey Bars

First - Goal Setting
Monkey bars are an instant goal. Many children set their own time frame when the WILL be able to conquer the Monkey Bars

Second - Risk and Trust.
Children being prepared to take a risk. Children have to trust the first time that when they plummet from the box, they WILL be able to hold their body weight and not plunge to the ground.

Third - Patience.
Waiting until their muscles are strong. They hang from the first bar until their muscles are strong enough to move forward.

Forth - Belief in themselves
Believing that they have the knowledge, skills and desire to actually eventually cross all the monkey bars - just as the children before them have been able to do.

Fifth - Determination, Perseverance
Practicing again and again and again and again. You can SEE this on their faces.

Sixth - Overcoming barriers
Callouses form, blisters burst, muscles ache - but each time they dig deeper and move forward.

Seventh - Knowledge of how their bodies move
Learning to control their bodies. Strength to hold them up, Co-ordination to hold on for dear life AND move one hand off the bar and forward to grab the next bar.

Eighth - Overcoming 'failure'
When children fall (and they do - over and over again), getting back up and trying again.

Ninth - Overcoming all the odds
In their determination, children's bodies sometimes don't react the way they hope and as they grip, determined not to fall, their bodies swing, twist, wriggle, mutate - but with a clear head, and belief in themselves, they hold on tight and gain control to continue the journey across the monkey bar challenge.

Tenth - Celebrating successes and supporting others' achievements.
What inner satisfaction, they feel and celebrate when at last they reach the other side.

You GOTTA watch this!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lachlan's trip to Australia

It was great to work alongside Lachlan with his first photostory. It was obviously a great family holiday with lots of family fun together. Lachlan talked to me in great detail about the first 12 or so photos but unfortunatley when the computer shut down suddenly none of these descriptive detailed accounts were saved. Lachlan really enjoyed viewing each photo and recording twice before we moved on to more recording. Lachlan proudly showed his story to his Mum and Dad at Kindergarten and I know Nana, Grandad, cousins and other family and friends will enjoy finding out about Lachlan's wonderful family holiday .

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ella's School Visit

Ella had her last day at Kindergarten yesterday and was very proud to create a slide show with Robyn of her recent school visit . Using Kidpix and Photobooth to create a movie slide show is a new programme that the Teachers are starting to use. Ella did an amazing job at telling her story about Whangarei Heads School the new school she has started today! Well done Ella.
We hope your first day at school was fabulous! We know that you will absorb lots of new learning and that you will continue to challenge and extend yourself.

coming soon

I'm sure your new school teacher will enjoy watching this Ella, we hope you share it with your class too.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pa-rua Bay + Whangarei Heads Trip

At Manaia Kindergarten we have been learning about the history and cultural significance of our area. To deepen our knowledge and understandings we visited Motukiore Island - A Maori pa site just off Manganese Point. We have recently discovered that Parua Bay was given its name because it is the Bay of two (rua) Pa. The children and families climbed to the top of this site - which once was a fortified Maori village, fascinating as the terraces and ditches are clearly visible. From this vantage point we could view Whangarei Heads and Harbour - the children were very impressed at seeing Maunga Manaia - Mount Manaia. We then traveled to McGregors Bay in Taiharuru to explore the wonderful natural environment at our doorstep. Together we found all sorts of treasures and sea creatures hiding in the rock pools, delighting in our discoveries. A wonderful outing was had by all. Thank you to all the families for supporting us and joining us on our learning journey.

Isis the dance teacher

This is a wonderful movie of Isis being a tap dance teacher to all of her friends at Kindergarten. Isis they were all enthralled by your fantastic show and the sound that your shoes made. You were kind enough to provide individual lessons and share your new tap shoes with your friends. You did a really impressive job at displaying your tap dance skills and talents especially as you have yet to have your own first lesson in this genre of dance. You already are a great dancer Isis we look forward to watching your dance future unfold.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jorja's Story

It has been great to observe and support Jorja's interest in ICT since she started, and today it was exciting to work alongside Jorja as she created her first photostory. She is very excited to have have her story on the blog. Jorja knows her Mum and Dad and her Uncle Bob (who lives overseas) will be able to look at her story too.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jorja's picture for Mummy

Dear Mummy, I would like you to come back. I'm looking forward to you coming back. I have done a picture for you - its a picture of you and me and Gama and Daddy. I would like you to put it on the fridge.
Lots of love to Mummy. From Jorja

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daniel is a very keen photographer at Kindergarten and he has recently taken a camera home to take photos of things that are important to him at home. Daniel lives right beside the water and he (and his dad) have taken so many great photos. It was fun working with you to make your photostory Daniel and great to learn more about what you enjoy doing when you are at home. I know you have family in America who will also enjoy seeing and hearing about what you enjoy doing when you are at home.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hunter's Photostory of Amy's Wedding

Hunter was very proud of himself as he was the page boy at his Aunty Amy's wedding. He told me that his job was to... "hold the rings". Watch and listen to his account of his wedding experience. He looked very handsome and smart, as did the whole bridal party look stunning, of course as it also included his sister and Mum! Hunter's confidence gained momentum as he became familiar with speaking and his story grew louder and clearer. They also visited Tane Mahuta so you can learn about this important tree too! Fantastic work Hunter.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ella J takes her Aunties to the Airport!

Take a look at Ella's photostory. Hear about her journey with her family to Warkworth and Auckland airport. Ella has been observing her friends make their photostories and was keen to have a go herself. What a great job Ella, you have such wonderful photographic and storytelling abilities.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ella's 12345678910 book

Ella loves to write stories and today she set herself a goal to create her own book about counting up to 10 in Te Reo Maori. After completing her book Ella read it to everyone at mat time. The following day she took photos of each page and created a photo story of her book. Unfortunatley her Dad just missed hearing her read her book at mat time but Ella was excited (and amazed) to think that because her book is on our blog her Mum, Dad and her family in Auckland would be able to see her book and hear her read it. I hope you family and friends enjoy looking and listening to your book Ella.

Isis' Movie

Recently Isis bought her dancing dvd's to Kindergarten which a number of children enjoyed. Last week her Grandma (from Christchurch) took a Kindergarten camera along to Isis's 'hard core' dance lesson and this wonderful photostory is the result. Isis was very proud to show this to the rest of us at Kindergarten on the big screen at mat time. Her Grandma and Great Grandma from Alaska are arriving today and Isis is keen for them to take a camera to her ballet dancing lessons so she can create another photostory to go on our blog.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ellinor Swimming

A number of children have been interested in creating their own Photostories and Ellinor is one of them. Ellinor's Mum took a Kindergarten camera to her swimming lesson and this wonderful story is the result. Ellinor is excited at having this story on the blog as she knows her Grandma and Grandad (who are on holiday in Australia) will be able to see her swimming in her movie.

Christchurch Earthquake - Christchurch Angels

Christchurch Earthquake - Christchurch Angels
After the Christchurch earthquake, teachers at Manaia asked Isis about her Cantabrian Grandparents. She had much to say, as did all the other children at the kai table. At the next mat time, we gave all children a chance to just talk about this catastrophic disaster.

Rochelle began with a simple statement:

"Some of you may have heard about the sad things that have happened in Christchurch...."

She could go no further, as children began to talk, shared stories, and spoke with empathy.

Christchurch Angels.

We considered ways to help. Beverly showed images of her polymer clay (Du-Kit) angels. Children wanted to make them too. What amazing skills. Angels created while talking about Christchurch.

The Christchurch Angels are sold for $5 each. Funds will go to the Canterbury Kindergarten Association (as will those raised at Kindergartens around Northland). So far Manaia can not keep up with demands for angels from parents. This will be a long term project- excess angels will hopefully be sold from a Charity shop in Whangarei for Christchurch.

Angels created by Manaia Kindergarten children for the children of Christchurch. This movie will take 4min - see the angels, consider children's words -in silence, remember the people of Christchurch and their rescuers - the real Christchurch Angels.

We remembered with the nation on a Red and Black Friday. Parua Bay Education facilities - Parua Bay School, PB Childcare Centre, PB Playcentre and ourselves raised money that day for the Red Cross helping in Christchurch.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Fairy Ballet - created by Luka

Lots of children at Kindergarten love to dance and we have a number of children who are going to dance lessons in their spare time. Isis bought in her 'Hard Core' dance dvd to dance to and a group of our ballerinas danced for us at mat time today. Luka has created a photostory so we can see what she does when she goes to her ballet class. With our enthusiastic ukulele players and our tallented dancers Kindergarten is a very exciting place to be:)

Ukelele Jams

It is always great having Gill at Manaia Kindergarten. As a Northland Kindergarten Association Itinerant teacher, Gill helps relieve us from our work on the 'floor' so taht we can complete all that paperwork!! Gill comes and shares her knowledge and interest with the children and teachers. She particularly enhances our programme through story-telling and music.

Today, Gill dusted down our new ukuleles and encouraged children and teachers alike to explore their musical abilities. Gill worked particularly intensively with Daniel, our professional musician, to help him share his self composed song.

It was wonderful to hear the children's playing and see their pride as they shared their talents.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fun in the Summer Sun

When it is hot at Manaia Kindergarten, it is time to get cool. We have pools in the sandpit, spray eachother with the hose, jump over sprinklers or create the fantastic water slide. What a wonderful experience for our new children. If you can think of other ways to cool down in our hot summers, please leave a comment, by clicking on the word comment at the end of this post, and share your thoughts.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tamati's Screen Printing

2011 Animals at Kindergarten - building a home

Wow What alot has happened this year already at Kindergarten. We have FISH in an aquarium, Tadpoles and Frogs in a tank, and a Bantam Chook in our chook house. What a way to start the year.

We have been learning lots about what animals need and how to set up new homes for them. We let the fish swim and watch them through the glass. We have learnt that tadpoles don't survive in tapwater (that was a hard lesson when a whole lot of our tadpoles died). We have found flies for our frogs. Together we built a house for a chicken. We learnt about its nesting house, a ramp for it to get to the grass.

We also all helped to BUILD the chicken house. Its a big house for a Bantam!! We had plans and pictures/diagrams to follow to fit all the shapes together. Sometimes it was tricky - but in the end it looks like a chook house!! Yippeeee. We used power tools to screw in the screws. NOW we have a CHICKEN in our chicken house and SHEs sitting on a clutch of eggs. In 21days, we will have baby chicks to look after... Watch this space!!

Here is a movie showing all the hard work - working together to build the chicken house.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Building relationships

What a wonderful place to meet and get to know each other - in the sandpit with a shared goal. The job was to "stop the water" in the volcano. The other job was to get to know each other as some here are new, and to know who is good at doing what. Who was going to be the leader? Who knew the most effective way to get the job done? Who was going to set the challenge? Who was going to work with the team and share the same goal.
The was much hilarity. There were times the team didn't work so well. But you all tried to work as a team and figure out how to work with each other, while still stopping the water. Great team building experience.