Saturday, September 18, 2010

50,000 on the Blog

Wow - with so many children engaged in the blog, sharing their experiences and skills, we have gained many views on the blog. Many of our friends around the world are watching and learning from our talented children and leaving comments of encouragement and prompting further learning. Now we have reached 50,000 visitors on our visitors counter.
50,000 people globally have visited the Manaia Kindergarten Blog.
What an emense amount of collaborative learning is taking place with the use of technology.

Thank you to our viewers and collaborators. Keep visiting, keep learning, keep sharing. Thank you to the children and families who have contributed so much towards the kindergarten program and being so open to share their talents.

Party on Friday! Come back and visit to see a record of the real life party posted on the blog.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A talented Musician

Today at Manaia Kindergarten, with the support of our fantastic musical itinerant teacher, Gill, we discovered a STAR in our midst. What awesome skills Shyla has developed as a result of watching her sister at Ukulele lessons. There is a lot of inbuilt talent here.

Shyla, your singing at Mat times has been admired, and today you were able to put into practice your awesome skills and knowledge - strumming guitar, using your knowledge of chords and playing the G chord, and singing wonderful tunes - all at the same time!!

Watch this star in action!!!

A Flower for Dee

"It's for Dee a pink flower. There's all the petals and there's the green bits. The green bits were the inside petals. That part is the dirt and the stalk. I'm deciding to put it on the office computer instead. Cos Beverly had my other two pictures on there. I need a camera to take a photo of it so I can do it. We don't want the string (hand strap) in the photo otherwise Dee will think it's a picture of string!"
Ella you pay such attention to detail and have not only created a beautiful flower from our orchid display but have also mastered taking a photo so that you have a record of your work. As well you have developed the understanding that these can be shared with others via the computer, which has sparked your curiosity and has become an interest that is growing each day!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Another picture for Dee

Dee this is another picture for you from Ella J - check out her words and see what she has drawn for you.

Ella's picture for Dee

Dear Dee, This is another picture for you. This is a picture with Reindeer footprints, cause I saw some Reindeer. The Bear and the Elephant just walked on my paper!! And the Bear walked on my paper too.
What are you doing Dee? I want you to show me something you like doing at Kindergarten and then I will show you what I like doing at Kindergarten. I want to show you something that I want to be a superhero when I grow up - a super hero that can fly and that can rescue people. Thats what I really want to be. I might do another bit of art for you today." Love from Ella J. PS - I took the photo too.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Constructing Dee's appartment

An amazing construction has been created in the block corner over the past 2 days.
William you and Dominik began the construction on Wednesday and on Thursday Maxwell, Tai and Zane worked with you as you continued to create Dee's appartment.
You chose to use a variety of different equipment to use on Dee's appartment including dancing ribbons, animals, insects, dinosaurs, cars and trucks. At the bottom of the appartment was an under water cave you told me about William where you and Dominik had carefully placed starfish, shells and kina.
The appartment took up alot of space and there were other things on the mat too, I was impressed to see the spacial awareness knowledge and non-verbal communication skills you used to ensure you were able to move past each other and over and around this huge impressive appartment.
Dee has showed us around her school and appartment in Jakarta, Indonesia when we have skyped her. She certainly lives in a very flash apartment, but I bet she would love to live in an apartment like the one you boys chose to design and build at Kindergarten for her.
Well done, what a great team of tallented designers and builders you are. I look forward to seeing and hearing about the next construction you choose to create.

William said: It's Dee's appartment, it's got a water bit for sea snails, fish and sea animals. It's 20 metres. Zane and Maxwell and Dominik helped me, and it has massive towers, and Jo (Holehan) knocked it over a bit. This bit (pointing to the far end) stops people going that way. It's a zoo as well. It has lots of slopes and shells in the moat. It's from my imagination.

Zane said: That's me, that's for Dee and she will very like it and she will very look at it and think it is very good.

Dominik said: We put the starfish and the shells and then we put the building on for Dee.

Maxwell said: Do you know that's me cos that's my tee-shirt. That's zane and that's me. Guess what, look I have the same trousers what I had last time.

Tai said: That's me the other day I think but I remember it. I put some animals on it and then I put some blocks on it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For Dee in Jakarta - From Ella

Dee the children have been enjoying skyping you. We love hearing about your adventures in Jakarta. There are a few blog posts that will be put up over the next couple of weeks just for you. We hope you enjoy. Ella J brought these pictures in for you today. I will add her words tomorrow to this blog post.
"I just decided something that I might have wanted to do - at home I wanted to draw another picture for Dee. Maybe Dee can put them on the wall. AAAAaaannd I just thought of sometime I might draw at home. I might like to draw more pictures for Dee." - Ella

Monday, September 6, 2010

Finger Puppets

At Manaia Kindergarten we always appreciate our relievers. Eleanor is a regular - helping out the teachers when we are sick or unable to be at Kindergarten. Today Eleanor was with us once again. Eleanor had already created prototype finger puppets out of felt that had been kindly donated to Kindergarten some months ago. She worked with the children developing charactors for the puppets. What awesome creativity. Children were patient and persistent when they began to create. Have a look at the many different charactors created by Manaia Kindergarten children. We hope that sometime soon we will be able to put on a puppet play with our new puppet friends. Puppets continue to be a huge interest at Manaia Kindergarten and we will endeavour to show you more of the puppetry skills the children are developing.
William developed his own puppet design, creating a hand puppet out of paper. He worked with the other resources available adapting them to the larger model. Always thinking outside the square. Go William!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Spring Begins - Daffodils bloom all around!

First day of Spring and what an absolutely gorgeous day to start this new season off. Tamati presented us with the most beautiful bunch of daffodils that his Nana grew. What a fantastic opportunity to take the time to appreciate their beauty, observe their shape and form, be creative and draw and paint them. Many children were drawn to partake in this experience and have created their own interpretations of the daffodil flowers. What wonderful artists we have at Manaia Kindergarten. Thank you Tamati and your whanau for bringing us this special gift.