Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Saoirse's Picture of Wags.

Saoirse arrived at Kindergarten today after having taken Wags home for the night. She had drawn a very detailed and highly intricate picture of Wags, Ekko, and Poi reading their portfolio books. What fantastic drawing talents you have Saoirse!
Obviously using the puppets who have their own individual blog sites and portfolio books for the children to look at and revisit is valued and important to the children making meaningful links between the Kindergarten and home.

Flynn's Great White Shark

What a spectacular shark! Made by a spectacular artist!

Flynn you continue to impress me with your ideas, plans, and how you have the determination, patience and persistance to carry out the tasks that you set yourself. You are a goal setter and a goal winner, who completes your work until you are really happy with it and have a sense of personal satisfaction. To be able to evaluate and assess your own work is a very important inner stength that you have. Making this gigantic great white shark involved many processes and skills including planning, gathering materials, drawing it, going over the outline, cutting it out, choosing colours and painting it. You needed a break in between but you came back to finish it off and it is AWESOME!

I loved the way that you used your imagination and thought of a way to hang the shark in your bedroom making it look like it had been really caught. You said...

"I'm gonna put my boat on the roof and bend my fishing rod, and put a hole in the roof, and put the line down, and then it will be like - oooh I caught a SHARK!"

Flynn's shark interest and fascination is continually expressed through a variety of creative media. A year ago Flynn drew an amazing shark and ocean picture telling the story of his family fishing experiences with his Dad and Grand Dad, which was posted on the blog. Look at the growth in the amount of detail and effort he has put into this Great White Shark creation!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


On Thursday 17th June we celebrated Matariki, Maori New Year. We got busy in the kitchen and made a boil-up and Maori Bread. Arvay, our Maori Advisor came to help us make the bread - thanks Arvay. We learned a lot about keeping our dough just right to cook. Next we planted a Pohutukawa tree in memory of our friend and Professional Practice Manager Megan. Caitlin sang a special Pohutukawa tree song for us and Amy was quite moved by the song, tino pai to mahi (Nice work) tamariki ma. We then performed Kotahitanga for our families - it was great and lots of our new tamariki picked up the actions and danced very well. Next up was kai time, we shared our feast with our families which was delicious. What a busy Matariki celebration.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pyjama Party

What started as a tumultuous stormy day turned into a fabulous evening! It was wonderful to combine our astronony and star gazing experience with our masterchef culinary delights - sausages! A really sucessful event which was supported amazingly well by the children and families. Great to see most of us got into the spirit of the night and wore our pyjamas! Much fun and excitement followed playing games, having stories, showing families around the Kindergarten, and eating all the delicious food! Getting spectacular views of the moon through the telescope topped off the night. Thanks to all the families who were involved and assisted in making this such a success.
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