Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Salon revisited

Ayla brought is some bright yellow nail polish today and everyone wanted to decorate their fingernails. Luckily we found more nail polish at Kindergarten and we could explore different colours. It was tricky painting our own nails - you had to have a very steady hand, and wipe the brush on the side of the bottle so the nail polish didn't pool on your nail. THEN we found the hair spray and gel. What fun we had with that. The single bottle at Kindergarten didn't go far, so THANKS to FourSquare for having more bright orange and yellow hair spray in stock. Mohawks were the order of the day - it didn't matter how long your hair was. We explored colours and designs to go with our nails. There was lots of laughter and practicing some of the skills we have seen some of our Mums try at home. Enjoy what looks like a very wacky day of nails and hair....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Making Sausages

On Thursady 20th May we made Sausages at Kindergarten. We have been doing a bit of cooking lately and Saoirse wants to be in the master chef competion! We talked about what was on the master chef programme and making sausages was one thing that Saoirse had seen. It just so happens that Saoirse's Grandfather makes sausages and he agreed to come and make some sausages with us - fantastic! Thankyou so much Ian for sharing sausage making with us .We had a great time mixing everything together and watching how the meat gets into the casing. We learned about what goes into sausages - onions, garlic, pork mince, lemongrass, salt and pepper. It was great fun and we learned a lot. I am really looking forward to trying our sausages out tonight.!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Worm farming and composting

It has been a hard summer for our garden. A drought, water restrictions, and copious amounts of sunshine the veges bolted for the sky. There will be many seeds in the soil for next spring!!! Despite the disappointing vege growing there has still been a huge amount of learning recently about recycling our food, composting, and worms - We have also discovered that some things DID grow in our garden and we enjoyed exploring to find hidden vegetables.


This is something a little different. Thanks to Luca and his family for sharing. here is a story about true freindship. Maybe we can all learn something about what it is to be a friend from the Orangutan and Hound Dog

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Ukulele Jam

Ukulele is big in Whangarei and Manaia Kindergarten has joined in the fun. Today, Rochelle, Arla and Maddie brought along their own Ukuleles and as we began our song others collected instruments and joined in the JAM. We are learning the Aussie song - kookaburra sits on the old gum tree. There are some cool new verses we hadn't known before and heaps of fun to sing along to.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flynn is David Attenborough

Flynn noted something of interest. He worked with Dee to find a way to record it. The digital camera is a tool that is familiar to Flynn though the movie function is relatively new to him. He was however able to create a movie documenting his interest in nature. Flynn's Mum stands next to him supporting explorations and learning alongside him.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sharks versus All Blacks

Today rugby world cup fever started at Manaia Kindergarten! It was a wet stormy day and in a fine break the children decided to play rugby. Of course good Kiwi rugby matches begin with the haka! The haka is a Maori traditional dance often performed before rugby matches. Our haka needs some developing but you can see that the strength of the dance is inspiring and we will learn the words - Keep following our blog as the season develops. We were impressed to see an understanding of the game developing in the children, some awesome ball handling skills, passing and tackling, and team collaboration are evident. The children knew how to keep themselves safe while using some of the tactics of a real rugby match. Enjoy our movie.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ayla shares a story of her piglets

Awesome movie Ayla. You know so much about farming. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in such a great movie.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Walnut Shell Boats

Releasing frogs - the farm on our road

Last week we read the story - The Frog Search by Julia Crouth. Our frogs stayed at Arla's house over the holidays and when we returned to Kindergarten, Arla and her family told us that the frogs were going to the bottom of the tank and sleeping. Just like Josie in the story, we decided to let the frogs go. It is coming on winter and the frogs need to hybernate, to sleep. But first we had to find a pond. Luckily Luca had a pond on his farm just across the road from Kindergarten. We had to walk across a few paddocks before we found the pond. Many parents wanted to help out and be part of the frog release. Check out the movie and discover what other animals we met at Luca's farm. Luca, Flynn and Wyatt tell the story.