Friday, February 26, 2010

Let it Rain, Let it Rain...

An unusual event occured at Manaia Kindergarten this week. In the middle of mat time the rain began to fall. It began to fall so hard we could hardly hear ourselves talk. This might not seem that unusual... but it hasn't rained at mat time for over four months. AND it is only the second time it has rained at Kindergarten in three months. It was a hot and sticky day. And the best way to explore this unusual event was to enjoy it!!

It has been a magical summer - a hot dry New Zealand summer. After the holidays children compared notes - how many had had to refill their water tanks, who was running out, who was on town water (how lucky are they!). Now we don't have to worry for another few weeks...

Perhaps we need to invest in a rain gauge to measure how much water we have for the month of March. Maybe other Early childhood centres can do the same and we can compare notes. The challenge has been set!!

Discussion on Stars

Many children have been interested in rocket ships, space, planets and stars. This generated some great discussions at mat time as we explored some ideas about space. Stars seemed to be the flavour of the day and children came up with their own theories about stars. We share a little of those with you...

What are stars?
Amy - "You can see stars up above"
Jonathan and Saoirse - "You can sometimes see satrs in the morning"
Morehu - "I can see one at Kindergarten"
TJ - "In Australia I saw stars - they were very pretty"

Stars are made of...
Luca - Clay
Cam - Rocks that fall off the earth
Isla - They grow
Saoirse - They are made of sparkle
Tony - the Sun is made of fire
Isla - the stars are made of light
Amy - They are made of golden
Flynn - rocks painted with glow paint and thrown hard or maybe taken up in a rocket.
Luca - lots of balloons make a wish and let it go into a star.
Stella - a shooting star is a special star
Jayden - When my poppa died he became a star and we can talk to his star.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Puzzle Boys

The puzzle began with Leon. Soon Dominik and Seabren joined in. It did not take long for a large group of boys to begin discussing the puzzle, the shapes, patterns, pictures - coaching each other, laughing with each other and persevering together until the job was done. What amazing team work and determination!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Preying Mantis vs Frog

The frog is in the middle of the screen in the water. A small preying mantis stands on the rock to the lower right of the frog. They stand checking eachother out for some time - so be patient. Half way through the movie the frog and the mantis take a step towards eachother... find out what happens seconds later...

If you are feeling sorry for the Preying Mantis - check out another Manaia Kindergarten classic
Preying Mantis vs Cricket

Christmas Party 2009

Apologies for the lateness of this entry - we were endeavouring to create music for this movie through Garage Band. Thus the music you hear on this clip was created by the teachers. We hope to work with the children throughout 2010 using garage band to create our own music for our movies.