Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving Celebrations 2010

Have a look at Manaia Kindergarten's Thanksgiving experience movie. We were extremely privileged to have Jack and his family - Dad Paul and especially Mum Lynda teach us about the meaning behind Thanksgiving, and to prepare for us a traditional Thanksgiving feast. What a special event that allowed us to learn about a day celebrated by some of our friends and their families, in a real and meaningful way. It is great for us to gain some understanding and insight into cultural events that are important to others from different countries and why.


Bernadette Rego said...

Wonderful to see the spotlights of the Whanau Day. It appears everyone had a terrific time! Watching the parents work together in preparation for Saturday's event reminded me of the Parent Work Parties we used to have two Saturdays a year. Such a great way to build community within an Early Years program and everyone benefits.

Thanks for sharing these lovely images.

esther said...


a quick hello from Istanbul in Turkey. I'm teaching English to a great bunch of kindergarten kids here. We've only just started our blog and we are now looking for overseas partners for our 6-year old groups to exchange fotos and messages via our blogs. We'd love to hear from you